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Submitted by Fire525108 809d ago | news

Saying It's Over for Microsoft is "Jumping Ahead"; Naughty Dog Co-Founder on the Xbox One

Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin isn't sure that Microsoft is finished yet, and today in a panel he mentioned that he was optimistic for the long term. (PS4, Xbox One)

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allformats  +   809d ago | Well said
No one is saying it's over. But the last generation hold they had on the American market is over.

It may not be over, but Sony is in a way stronger position than it was last time around.

PS4 launched a week before Xbox One in the U.S., last gen PS3 launched a full year later.

PS4 is $399, $100 cheaper than Xbox One, last gen PS3 was, at one point, $200 more expensive than Xbox One.

And even after the difficulties Sony faced with PS3, they still sold 80 million consoles -- the same amount of Xbox 360 units sold.

So yeah, Sony is definitely the frontrunner this time around.
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Septic  +   809d ago
I agree here (shocking I know!)

MS won't be commanding as tight a grip on the US market as the lat gen, that is for sure.

However, we can hopefully see Microsoft get out of 'limp mode' after launch where things will change drastically. The higher price point will definitely sting and set them back but the race has just begun and the pressure is on MS to prove that the investment is worthwhile.

"Anytime you sit there and say ‘it’s over for Microsoft’ – which is easy to say now – you’re generally jumping ahead of yourself."

Precisely. All the doom and gloom aside, MS' quite rapid response to criticisms and quick u-turns do say a lot about how the company can react quickly adapt and that adaptability will pay dividends in the future.

MS got a swift (and much needed) kick up the backside this gen so here's hoping they've manage to finally stand up straight and do things right now, especially against the sheer momentum the PS4.
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Vojkan  +   809d ago
No one is saying that. However lets keep in mind that Jason Rubin was fired by Sony back in the day. SO he has a bit of a grudge towards Sony.

MS will have hard time selling X1 at that price. Even if price was lower, it seem like they have problem with supply. They are skipping many EU countries for now etc. First year is going to Sony no matter what, then at E3 maybe MS cuts the price and removes Kinect. But then the question remains, will it be too late, to win?
Like it or not PS is much bigger brand. PS3 released year and a half later in Europe, a year later in US and Japan, at huge price difference, and still sold 80 m units, which makes them neck a neck in sales I think.
MS can never pull that move, they dont have the same power in brand as Sony does.
Not over and I hope its not we need competition. In the end I don't trust anyone when there is no competition.
EDIT:funny how I lost a bubble when I mostly get agrees. hmm
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Thehyph  +   809d ago

These new consoles are awesome. The level of competition that has happened all year will have to continue.

Of course, there will be fanboys and we all know the crap they get on with. The truth is that this may well be the best console generation for consumers, ever. Even if Xbox One and ps4 were to ship the same number of units in November, then the "war" is still not over. Not even close. One million units remains a small fraction of lifetime sales.

Edit: I believe that the battle of hype between these two consoles is what led to a record setting day one release. Everyone who comes on sites like n4g had a part to play. Crappy websites and click bait articles even played a part.
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abzdine  +   809d ago
yes but i still wish they've done all the u-turns to serve the consumer and not because they weren't going to nake enough money.
that's my problem with MS i feel like the only thing that counts for them is cash and the MS products buyers are seen as cash cows.

Sony is going to win this war, they have a cheap and a powerful console, and the fact they ain't selling it at a loss (they said a couple million sales will make it profitable) will allow them to cut the price more often.
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Septic  +   809d ago

"yes but i still wish they've done all the u-turns to serve the consumer and not because they weren't going to nake enough money. "

You would have to be supremely naive if to think that Sony are doing what they are doing for the benefit of consumers alone. This is business.

"that's my problem with MS i feel like the only thing that counts for them is cash and the MS products buyers are seen as cash cows. "

And what, Sony operates as a charity and has a righteous goal in mind?

There's an ancient proverb that comes to mind:

"Cash moves everthing around me, C.R.E.A.M get the money, dollar dollar bill y'all" - Wu Tang Clan
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Thehyph  +   809d ago
For sure, they are both in it for the money.

The best part is the two of them being locked in battle. The more fierce that these two compete, the further the end user's money goes.

I would never wish bad things on Xbox One, because I know that my ps4 experience hinges on Microsoft's success, too.

I am a pacifist, but I hope that we all can continue the level of hype for the next few years. I've already spent my $400, and now I'm depending on both companies to make that $400 go as far as it can.

Edit: Septic, my friend, you botched the Wu quote. I still love you though. :)
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Septic  +   809d ago

"Edit: Septic, my friend, you botched the Wu quote. I still love you though. :)"

Ah what?! Really? Lol #forshame

N'uff love back lol
Game-ur  +   809d ago
May road map:

2013 PS4
2015 WiiU
2016 PC upgrade
2017 X1 ( by then it should have a price cut, nice backlog and Halo6 should be out)
Boody-Bandit  +   809d ago
Both the PS4 and XBOX ONE will do well and make money. I'm not the least bit worried about MS and Sony striving in this new generation.

I'm more worried about what Nintendo will do next if Wii U sales don't drastically pick up. Even though I barely played the Wii I purchased over the last several years and passed on the Wii U. I still want them to be relevant in the industry when it comes to home consoles.

Do they stick it out with the Wii U or go in a different direction faster than ever before? Personally I prefer 3 viable consoles vs only 2. I'm a gamer and could care less about which company out does one another in bank. I just want to industry to out live me.

With that said on to Jason Rubin.

Why does anyone care what he says? This is a guy for roughly 2 years now that is in the "mobile gaming is taken over console gaming" camp. He also said it would not surprise him if this next generation is turns out to be the last 'console' generation. That despite the demand out of the gate these consoles (X1 & PS4) have. He feels sales will start dropping off faster than previous generations.

Even though all the analyst show otherwise he still sticks to this stance. He has become nothing but a mouth piece to fan flames. There isn't a thing that comes out of his mouth that I give any weight to at all. Get to work Jason and build something of substance for console gamers. After that come back and tell us what you think.

Jason is becoming the Peter Molyneux of the industry. Talks 95% more than actually adding to the industry in a substantive way. If I'm being me, honest, I'd rather hear from Peter over Jason. At least Peter talks about expanding gaming with innovation and creativity and not all doom and gloom.
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medman  +   809d ago
I definitely agree. While I'm more enthused for the PS4 and what that system is bringing to the table, I will pick up an Xbone once the price drops. I own a 360 and PS3, and will probably own both those consoles next gen as well, just not at 500 Microsoft.
nix  +   809d ago
Both will do good. as for MS, the one year lead and rise of sales number due to RROD is not there to help them.
DragonKnight  +   809d ago
@Septic: "You would have to be supremely naive if to think that Sony are doing what they are doing for the benefit of consumers alone. This is business."

May be business, but it's business done at the benefit of consumers first and foremost, which is the point.

"And what, Sony operates as a charity and has a righteous goal in mind?"

That's a very stale argument. The differences in how Microsoft and Sony treat the consumer base is very apparent. Charity isn't the issue, respect is. Microsoft do not respect their consumer base, Sony does.
VENOMACR1227  +   809d ago

That is strictly an opinion. MS has not let me down, screwed me over, or done anything in my mind to warrant the level of hate that people have for them. I just don't get it.

Sony is out to make money, plain and simple. That is their #1 objective, to make money. You can be sweet, nice, care about your consumers, but if no one buys your product you won't be around. If they don't make money, they go out of business, just like every business. Everyone talks like the PS4 is cheap and the X1 is expensive. One's $400 and one's $500, neither is "cheap." The PS3 launched at what, $699? You think that's Sony being nice and caring about it's consumers? Just would like to know how MS doesn't respect their consumers. I'm sure everyone will say it was the DRM issue. They tried to do something different and took a leap, it failed. But you in no ways HAD to buy an X1, their were those who supported the DRM, and at the end of the day its your decision if you wanted one, nothing was being forced upon you or anyone else.
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Hicken  +   809d ago | Well said
@Venomar: So you voice your opinion, but don't get that others have their own?

Then you follow it up with the same old nonsense about companies out to get money. Some companies stay in business because they're strictly out to make money. Some companies stay in business because they're out to EARN money. Both WANT money, but how they go about it is vastly different. Don't know why that's so hard for Xbox fans to get.

As for the DRM thing: just stop. They tried something that was bad, and they failed. That they failed is important, but that they tried is ALSO critical. It's an extreme example, but you don't just let someone off the hook because they TRIED to kill you, but failed. It's bad enough that they tried at all.

Please, stop defending that.
JamieL  +   809d ago
@ Dragon and Hick
But your point doesn't change any fact. No matter how much whoever loves whatever corporation for what reason, will not change the FACT both these companies are in it for 1 thing alone, PROFIT. I do agree with you though, the better they create the “ILLUSION of caring” then the more people will THINK they care about them, and in turn spend money with them. My real point is, too think any corporation cares at all, in any way about anything but profit, you are fooling yourself.
“May be business, but it's business done at the benefit of consumers first and foremost, which is the point.”

No the point is getting you to come off your money. Period. Profit first and foremost, which is their point.

“Charity isn't the issue, respect is. Microsoft do not respect their consumer base, Sony does”
Again if you thing for 1 second that Sony or any business out there today Respects anything but PROFIT ALONE, then you are very naïve about how the world around you works.

Do you know why these are manufactured in China? Do you know why everything in the world is manufactured in China. It’s not for caring or respect I promise that shit. Ya’ll need to educate yourselves, because you just sound so very petty, ignorant and insignificant with this stupid tit for tat fanboy war. The government in China is working slave laborers and has no environmental regulations at all, this is how they save so much money moving manufacturing there. So you can imagine the caring and respect all corporations have for mankind and the earth as a whole, then get folks on N4G talking about how a worker in China deserves to be killed for the thermal paste thing, killed… f#$%ing killed, someone really said that $hit. Unreal.
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Ps4Console  +   809d ago
Not a sprint it's a Marathon I bet Sony & Microsoft are secretly chatting on the phone chatting about the launch there not enemies so why should we be .

Like Blur & Oasis in the 90's two huge Britt Pop bands going head to head but secretly they were having a laugh over it & meeting to have a drink but publicly slating each other's work ., it's just business not anything else & it depends what you want in your console .
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alexkoepp  +   809d ago
Halo 5 alone has the potential to close any gap in sales between the X1 and PS4, I don't think any game has the system selling power that Halo has, maybe some Nintendo franchises do but it's a much smaller number of people. Playstation just doesn't have a game that does that.
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BitbyDeath  +   809d ago

"both these companies are in it for 1 thing alone, PROFIT"

Yes both are out to make profit but the prioritisation of where profit lies in the scheme of things is important and Sony puts tech above profit.

Hence why they take huge risks on things like Cell, CD, DVD, Betamax, Blu-ray, Eyetoy, Wonderbook etc.

Not everything pans out in the way they want but they go all in and they treat customers with respect, they even talk openly with them instead of shoving PR lines like 'don't like it buy a 360' or 'don't know em'.

Sony respects it's customers and it goes a long way.

"Do you know why everything in the world is manufactured in China."

Not everything is manufactured in China, Sony still make their TV's in Japan.

You blame everyone as having a poisoned mindset of how the world works but you are only seeing the bad side of business and expect everyone to be the same.

Not everyone is.
JamieL  +   809d ago
@ BitbyDeath
Ok, you go on thinking these Corporations are pushing tech for the "good of mankind" or to "advance us" and stay defending them against REAL PEOPLE, I am going to see it, how it is. I would also like to ask you why the great customer loving humanitarians at Sony had the PS4 made in China? I can tell you why. It’s cheaper and they don’t have to worry about Japans environmental regulations. Please don’t defend corporations to me, and try to tell me they care at all. Profit that’s what they are after period, if they don’t think it’ll make a profit it won’t get done. Disprove that if your argument holds any water. Tell me one thing on this earth that is done just because? Unless it is a person doing something they personally want to do, there is nothing. The medical industry is a perfect example of my argument. These companies aren’t out to cure a damn thing. They just want to treat it and drag it out as long as possible for a steady check. I may be a bit on the extreme side on this particular issue, but this world isn’t the shining rainbow you just described either. It would be nice if it was, but it’s not even a little like that.
Consoldtobots  +   809d ago
if MS truly want to stay in the console market I think this beating they are starting to take will be good for them. MAYBE they will drop the arrogance and actually listen to their customers.
ShinMaster  +   809d ago

Sony made their console appealing to the consumer.
Microsoft made unpopular and forceful decisions.
trenso1  +   809d ago
"Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M get the money, dollar dollar bill y'all" - Wu Tang Clan

*fixed* awesome line
DragonKnight  +   809d ago
I love narrowminded Xbox thinking, it's always good for a laugh. This idea that making money has to come at the cost of the consumer is a very Microsoft attitude.

To the two people responding to me, repeating "Sony is in it to make money" ad nauseum, my answer to you is a hearty "Well Duh"

What you don't seem to understand is that Sony's way of making money is to respect the wishes and desires of their consumer base with the PS4. They listened to GAMERS, not to corporate bullsh*t. They sought help from DEVELOPERS, not television studio executives and pro-corporate research.

I don't know where you get this idea that you can't make money by making your consumers happy, but not only is that wrong but it's also a terrible indictment of your priorities.

Just because a company wants to make money, doesn't mean they have to be Microsoft about it. Treat your consumers and their money with respect, and you'll create brand loyalty worth more than initial profit. Listen to what your consumer base is telling you, and they'll sink more and more money into your products and services than when you TELL them what they want/like.

Can you guess what Microsoft's approach is and why it fails?
hiredhelp  +   808d ago
Well ill admit it MS had this opportunity to turn this around soo far i haven't seen much of that.
Ive heard more about there kinnect than what new future games they have coming
I beleave its going to be like xbox360 all over again if thats soo with the momentum sony has now with there own library of exclusives and bought studios If MS sits back leans on multi-platform again don't think they be in good shape for another xbox.
JamieL  +   808d ago
@ Dragon & club
You know what you are all right. I am a fool for trying to make a simple real world point on this site. All I am talking about is simple realities of this world and it gets warped into a Sony Vs. Ms bull$hit useless conversation. I know Sony is god, and cares deeply for each and every one of you. We live in a happy little world and everything is just. Oh, let’s not forget the most important thing, Sony kicks MS's A$$, and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM Hoe!!!!!! Sony$4$foLife.

Dragon you were right, this is a gaming site so real world realities have no place here....or anywhere else in society it appears.
Hicken  +   808d ago
@Jamie: What a typical Xbot response: rather than address anything actually said, blow it all off as something nobody really said. What's that called, a straw man argument?

Microsoft wants money.
Sony wants money.

There's nobody who's ever said differently.

But you pretty much have to be one of the (apparently many) blind Xbox fanboys on this site and elsewhere to look at the practices of the two companies and say they're the same.

EVERY company is out to make money. But there are those that, while successful, will NEVER be considered a "consumer's choice." There are very wealthy companies on the list of "most hated."

But, according to you, there's no difference between an FXX and a Prius, because they both drive. Nevermind that they go about it in vastly different ways; since they both get you from point A to point B, they're the same.

The ONLY people that ever argue whether all these companies are in it for the money or not are Xbox fanboys, who try to dismiss the fact that Sony AT LEAST pretends to care about the people they're selling their products to, while there's plenty of evidence to suggest that Microsoft doesn't.

People like you, JamieL.
JamieL  +   808d ago
@ hick
F#$k you and your corporate loving ass. Dragon and I had a much longer conversation by PM, A completely pointless conversation but, I'm not sure why your Sony solider self felt the need to sweep in and set me strait for not worshipping Sony. Good job Captain Corporation. You must have a hard life fighting this super important console war. All else comes second to Sony. You droids are crazier than Scientologist.

Edit: you know what Hick, you and dragon are so fast to attack me and call me a xbot when you both pretty much have agreed with my only point. All I was saying is ANY corporation is out for money, caring for the customer NEVER enters into it. EVER. That was all I was saying and you two are calling me names and all "people like YOUing" me. So much hate over a toy. Grow the F#$k up.
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Sayai jin  +   809d ago
Tru It's competition. During thr PS2 era, Sony had upwards to 70% of the console market ad Ninty and MS shared the rest. Sony dominated in every corner of the world. Amazing! Last gen Ninty, MS, and Sony all did extremley well. They all had a nice chuck of the market. Sony no longer had the huge disparity in market share. All three declared last gen a victory. Ninty has had a rough start this gen. Sony on the other hand had the best launch ever for a console! We will have to see how MSs launch will go, but they should have a solid launch. If any of the 3 consoles have 30% or more of the market they will call this gen a victory too. IMO, I hope all 3 do well it's healthy for the industry and stops thes corps from getting to arrogant..."go out and get two jobs to pay for our console"..."Er we are going to cram DRM down your throat and you will like it", etc they all have been arrogant.

Keep these companies humble gamers.
tagan8tr  +   809d ago
I agree with the competition is good sentiment, I just resent the console game exclusive stuff why do I have to pay $1000 for 2 consoles to play the games I like
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Morpheuzpr  +   809d ago
I don't agree with the competition thing. As you said sony dominated the market with the ps2 which means that even not having competition the ps2 became IMO the best console in the history of gaming. Again even without competition.

Sony is IMO the only company right now that is nurturing this industry as much as they are harvesting from it. All the others (especially Microsoft) are just ravaging it, and in tern us.
come_bom  +   809d ago
The X1 will probably be successful, just not as successful as the PS4, i think...

Microsoft needs a few bid surprises up their sleeves in they want to sell more then the PS4.
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gamer2013  +   809d ago
Yeah because you know, the Xb1 has no games compared to the PS4 it has less features and inferior online. Also, Sony has a lot more money than MS.
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   808d ago
believe it or not every gamer i know wants the x1 over the ps4. i went with ps4 this gen. tryin to talk someone into buying one, no luck though, guess its just me and some strangers lol. x1 will have success if you see what i seeing.
Persistantthug  +   809d ago
i dont think it's completely over for the XBOX One, but I don't think the XBOX One is going to bring in the kind of revenue that Microsoft Corp and its investors are hoping for. And because some of Microsoft's high power investors are sour to lukewarm on the XBOX brand as a whole, this may provide them with enough ammo to do away with the XBOX brand once and for all.

We'll have to wait and see how it all plays out.
tagan8tr  +   809d ago
I think MS is getting Google Buiseness model envy seems like they are focusing on tablet/mobile phone/search engine so I agree with you Persistantthug
DoubleM70  +   809d ago
Yes and when it was PS2 dominated less people played also. Once the Dreamcast sunk I didn't buy a console for almost 2 years. I end up buying and Original Xbox and PS2. They both were great. You probably wouldn't have gotten a Halo and a ton of other games if it wasn't for Microsoft entering the game industry. Competition is good.
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JOHN_DOH  +   809d ago

Halo would've come out without XBOX. It was first shown at a Macworld conference. Though it probably wouldn't have been as big as it is.
VoiceMale  +   809d ago
Don't be delusional and play the crystal ball holder.... How can something be over that hasn't even started yet MS haven't even released their console yet? so how can the market share be gained or lost?????

Price is a not a very good deterrent for people buying what they want.... Sony with the ps3 and apple with their products are good examples.heck some cell phones cost more than both consoles... yes cell phones!!!!! If u want something ur gonna buy it regardless

Again I keep telling ppl pre orders are not an accurate indication of future numbers. its interesting nonetheless but in the accounting books u debit cash and credit cost of item sold not pre order numbers and items sold

This is n4g and logic gets lost here so easily, solace and democracy seems alien

Again both consoles will sell well early on and be appreciated by the buyers and sellers.... its the gamers part of this whole equation that seems unsatisfied worrying about numbers that don't affect them in anyway.....

Kinect has the Guinness record for fastest selling electronic despite ppl saying it was an over priced piece of beta crap

All am saying is let the numbers fall where they may... this mines is better than yours is just silly
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Persistantthug  +   809d ago

I'm sorry, but I've gotta disagree with at least a portion of what you said. The "numbers" do indeed affect us.
I can say this with profound conviction because not only do I remember the failing DREAMCAST.......but I was also a purchaser.

Business Numbers do in fact matter, sir.
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VoiceMale  +   809d ago
Fair enough bro but let me ask u this u think that pre order numbers is the culprit to poor sales???
U see what I am saying is the media and us are using pre order numbers to come to conclusions that are not accurate is what I am saying

U see as marketing pre orders are not recorded..and they don't use these numbers to get their products distributed

They use numbers that are not available to us unless u work for either MS or Sony....

that has to do with previous injected sales in each locations, targeted consumers(which might not be u but the other guy) they have boundary spanners, just to mention a few but many things goes into the equations to determine the when how where focus of the item should be in a majority and minority to increase the probability of sales....

This is not arbitrary store stocking, Marketing is in full function for both companies right now.....
But unlike Sony as of right now MS has more power in marketing because of their deep pockets so they have the advantage there

Now will it skew the market share into their favor???? Only time will tell cause me u nor any media site can't tell u that accurately cause the numbers we are using is guess work...

And to answer ur statement about Dreamcast I too had a Dreamcast, I still do, but numbers never killed off that system bad marketing and excellent competition form Sony did
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JackISbacK  +   809d ago
no its obviously not over for ms ,they are at hard work for every thing ,their games ,their entertainment facilities and alll over experience of their conole ,like releasing 1st party studios for which they can make more better games for xb1 which can stay on the divice forever rather than becoming multiplats ,with gaming they have also promised entertainment related things and they are working hard for where ever the console launch ,things can change in the blink like they changed at e3 2013 and there is more 10 years left for both conoles and we are alsive to see it only some monts does not define the things ,it may can also be that,who is discriminting xb1 may can turn to sony and taking side of ms ,we completely dont know and changes may can come when xb1 launch or things can go worse when the device comesout we dont know but we must expect something good.
assdan  +   809d ago
I think we can agree Sony will likely win Europe and Asia. The biggest question is north america, which I think is at least favoring Sony. Most games stops say there are a lot more ps4 Preorders, and the ones that have more x1 preorders have just barely more.
2cents  +   809d ago
Why do Naughty Dog keep commenting on the Xbox One?

I don't hear 343industries commenting on the pros and cons of the PS4...

Get off your high horse Naughty Dog. Couldn't care less what you think.
PaperClichePixel  +   809d ago
Hicken  +   809d ago
Maybe because they're part of the industry, and backed by the Xbox One's competitor?

What the hell? You make it sound as if they came out attacking, when they've really been pretty classy about it all. Besides, they were asked the question. It's not like they held a press conference for this. They were interviewed, and the interviewer brought up the question.

If you don't care, why the hell are you here complaining? Plenty of pro-XB1 articles out there for you to drop your two cents in.
IHassounah  +   809d ago
The guy was fired by Sony , I also think his trying to defend the X1 in a way
2cents  +   809d ago
Sorry dudes!

Just getting tired of he said she said.
This last few months have been exhausting trying to find quality information and I guess I just got irritated by the article. I know it's actually more of a positive bit of info, I'm just having a bad day.
CryofSilence  +   809d ago
Competition is good for the market. The collapse of either would greatly damage the industry. Let's just hope Nintendo redeems themselves because the market seems best with 3 contenders.
Morgue  +   809d ago
Yeah there's been a lot of fat ladies singing since the announcement and the console isn't even released yet. I know I had some remarks about the X1 but those were from a personal standpoint about issues I had with the 360 like paying for other services that were free and some others. In the end I don't really care how the X1 does since I'm not getting one but for those who are.

Good for them. Enjoy
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   809d ago
So now people care about USA sales? Hilarious. Spend 8 years talking about how the Xbox 360 dominates the PS3 in the USA and it's spun to World Wide talk... and not that the PS4 is popular, it's all about the USA numbers.

Imagine that.
JOHN_DOH  +   809d ago
I think that's the point. XBOX gets the majority of it's sales in the US. So if they lose US sales, it doesn't look good for them.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   808d ago
Exactly. So now USA matters to them. It didn't matter to them when Xbox was stealing Playstation numbers crushing the USA Champion last gen. But now it matters.

I know.
AndrewLB  +   809d ago
"It may not be over, but Sony is in a way stronger position than it was last time around. "

Where are you getting these amazingly uninformed statements from? The only thing Sony has an advantage on is a $100 price difference and a week head start on retail sales. The fact remains that Microsoft is a far stronger company financially and due to their massive client network courtesy of the fact that pretty much every business in the nation has ties in one way or another via Microsoft's consumer and enterprise operating solutions. All this has huge implications when contracts are signed because there is much Microsoft can do for fledgling developers who need to increase their exposure.
MichaelLito79  +   809d ago

I think he is baseing his answer on the amount of fanboys who are claiming that MS lost this generation already. When in fact it has just started. Also saying the hold on the american market is over is going to far. Lets let time dictate what really transpires.

Note: This has been an ongoing battle for an entire generation. It is time that we all go back to having fun and forgetting about whats on paper and actually enjoying games. If we continue on this trend it won't be our companies failing us it will be us failing us with negative press. In all honesty once the several million hardcore buyers purchase it is the casuals who have to come in and get excited about these systems. Lets not ruin the one hobby that really gets us excited and lets embrace it.

I know I am going to get disagrees oh well.
#1.13 (Edited 809d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Clive_Bixby  +   809d ago
You do know the only reason PS3 caught up to 360 was because of japan right? They stopped selling 360 in Japan years ago. If you took Japan completely out of the equation it would not even be close.
thisismyaccount  +   808d ago
You people have to ask, why he left Sony in the first place....

This guy seems to know a lot.. especially after that part-time job over at THQ.
TheLyonKing  +   809d ago
No one has said it is over, Microsoft will have a great launch probably the 2nd biggest in history behind the ps4.

I don't think it will be over at all this gen for either machine and I am looking forward to seeing how each company one ups each other throughout this gen.
idontcare  +   809d ago
of course it won't be over .. damn it's the same at every launch
Trekster_Gamer  +   809d ago
Might not be quite as big as ps4 launch but I sure hope it goes smoother!
idontcare  +   809d ago
please Naughty Dog .. just shut up and make good games!
KingPin  +   809d ago
one does not simply tell any member from naughty dog to shut up.
Trekster_Gamer  +   809d ago
Yeah,, Naughty Dog STFU and just try to do as good as you did with UC2.. you haven't since.
king_george  +   809d ago
Naughty dog has earned the right to talk and share their wisdom because they make the best games in the biz (my opinion)
wenaldy  +   809d ago
Jason Rubin didn't talk on behalf of ND, because he's former ND president (and also co-founder of ND along with with Gavin). Im surprised a lot of people didnt know that. Ignorance is bliss.
KingPin  +   809d ago
once a naughty dog, always a naughty dog.
JackISbacK  +   809d ago
they already make good games but this statement proves they are more intelligent then you think ,these people knows better than us ,they may have get to know that ms is also making its own new exclusives as we know ms have anounced that they will be aaa or aaaa titles which will bring good competition to them at making exclusives and they know that its only just some few monts have passed and xb1 is not out on stores and anything can happen and we realy dont know which one will be better console of chouise ,price does not define which is a better game.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   809d ago
Plenty of people/fanboys have said that it was over for the Xbox One even before any of the consoles have been released.
aiBreeze  +   809d ago
I did too the moment Sony announced their price at E3. If Microsoft hadn't of done the 180s, they would have really been fighting against it.
shivvy24  +   809d ago
naughty dog isn't the same without jason and andy ! yes they make great games but when these 2 were in charge they used to make light hearted games like crash and Jak
BobBelcher  +   809d ago
lol... but, but, but... You're Naughty Dog. Don't say this.
***************************** *************************
Really though, I'm glad he's saying this. Some people need perspective from a respectable person.
tiremfej  +   809d ago
Does it really matter who is first or second, or even third? All consoles put out great games. The industry has grown year over year...there may be even room for a fourth machine...ala Steambox. The only thing first gets you is more money. All companies want to make money they will make games to make money.
#7 (Edited 809d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
JackISbacK  +   809d ago
this is what people must know the best.
strickers  +   809d ago
I think both consoles will be good but sales wise I think PS4 will have at least 30% lead, if not more. EU/ Japan the PS4 will destroy XB figures. US will probably be near parity, same in UK.
Gekko36  +   809d ago
Japan isn't important, I am flabergasted that people outside of the nippon states care what happens with Sales in Japan, the market is WAY too small and unpredictable.

Now a days Japan's influence on western culture is far less than 80's, 90's and early naughties.

Japan just isn't important outside of the Nippon States anymore, plain and simple

Suggest recomment with ommision of Japan
JOHN_DOH  +   809d ago
Japan market is small but Asia is very big. Most sales charts just show US, Europe and Japan.
strickers  +   809d ago
Both can be profitable though and enjoy some good games
FlunkinMonkey  +   809d ago
Of course it's not over, and i hope it's not.. Even though i have issues with MS, until another console is available that is able to compete with Sony, i would rather MS were about as it pushes the quantity and quality of exclusives.
BobBelcher  +   809d ago
The key for MS to gain ground again is to invest in new Devs and new IPs.
insomniacgamer  +   809d ago
They already scored big there with Titanfall, and nailed that down before they launched. Time will tell on future IPs but that one alone will be a big win come Spring next year. Anyone that thinks otherwise is straight delusional.
Smootherkuzz  +   809d ago
I was in gamestop Sunday and people was all on the xbox one it was crazy. I think the xbox brand will be just Fine and all the bad talk is really helping sales.
Nocando  +   809d ago
This is just a clever way of actually saying that its over for Microsoft.
christocolus  +   809d ago
Ms needs to get jason rubin on board..the guy had some influence on nds great games...just get him all he needs to start his own studio..his talent will fit nicely with the others under the microsoft game studios group.
Persistantthug  +   809d ago
Oh you mean open and manage a new studio like the way Microsoft manages BUNGIE, ENSEMBLE, DIGITAL ANVIL, FASA, ACES, and RARE?

I'm sure Mr. Rubin is just excited and chomping at the bit to be part of Microsoft's award winning game studios.
I mean, With a stellar managerial track record like that, who wouldn't be?
christocolus  +   809d ago
lol dude..its my opinion why do you sound upset? these guys are in to make money..if a studio isnt making enough money for their owners they will definitly be let go .so its funny you listed just ms studios. why dont you do a research to find out the number of studios dear sony has closed up too?..they are just as many if not more.dont be ignorant both ms and sony run businesses not charity they will always try to avoid losses bedsides sony closed another studio not too long ago(london studio)..and about bungie its not new for studios to want to be independent..bungie earned that right as a great dev under ms...some studios do that and 343 is filling their shoes amazingly well and rare is still a great dev to millions out there..i loved kameo, viva pinata and kinect sports(which sold over 5 million copies)..for next gen they've got numerous unannounced projects (rumored to be brand new ips and a return of some their great ips) it or not they are doing good. Killer instinct co developed with double helix is already earning positive reviews and thats just a taste of whats to has great studios and many more coming up jason rubin would be a great addition to the family and thats my opinion dude.
#14.1.1 (Edited 809d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report
christocolus  +   809d ago
Ms should bring him on board..he had a lot of influence on some great nd ips of the past..get him all he needs to form a new 1st party ms sure his talent will fit perfectly with the others who are under the microsoft game studios umbrella...actually ill be surprised if ms havnt already reached out to him..
#15 (Edited 809d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Honest_gamer  +   809d ago
Finally saw an Xbox one today looks pretty good (the machine) however it was in a tv shop showing of smart glass and the tv features, yet a few stores down at game their isn't even a product display wtf I want to look at the games ><
tagan8tr  +   809d ago
MS is afraid Gamestop will put the display next to the PS4 display
KingDadXVI  +   809d ago
I believe that early adoption is obviously going to be slower for the Xbox One. No one would argue that point. That being said they are still going to have the best console launch that they have every had so I really don't understand the point of articles like this.

I am scratching my head here trying to understand why there is a suggestion that the Xbox One will fail. They have more pre-orders of Xbox Ones prior to launch than they had for Xbox 360's. How does this equate to a potential failure that requires comments from industry insiders?

This is another bait article to get lots of visits.

Early adoption of the Xbox One will be lower than the PS4, that is only logical. The Xbox One costs $100 more. That just makes sense. Early adoption only accounts for about 5% of total consoles sold during a generation.

I think that a lot of people are also ignoring that the Xbox One will be receiving sales that the PS4 won't be and that is for the extra features that it provides. Many core gamers don't like them but that does not mean that the other 95% of console buyers won't like them. On the contrary many more people will like them.

I could maybe understand this foolishness if they were projecting launch sales at 50% or less of the 360 launch.

this is just another article trying to stir up shit and site visits by spreading FUD.
SliceOfTruth888  +   809d ago
The difference is Xbox Live > PSN. Yes you get more free games with PSN but i honestly could have cared less during the PS3 era because the service itself stunk and thats what i wanted it for. With my PS4 i am enjoying the heck out of resogun, but i could still care less. Xbox people will follow all of their friends who play on xbox live. I personally know 0 people who are what people on this site consider "converts". So really the people buying PS4 are just the same fans sony has already had and the people like me not childish enough to be a fanboy.
fsydow1  +   809d ago
What to you makes xbox live better then psn plus. Let me tell u, F######$ s$#$. Don't talk crap because cross game chat was the only thing differentiating the 360 and ps3 last gen and now xbone fan turds wants to brag about dedicated servers which ps3 multiplayer games had a generation before. You turds are a joke and just give it A REST already.
KingDadXVI  +   809d ago
I have a PS3 and a 360. Sorry to tell you that online multi player was always better on Xbox Live compared to PSN. PSN is slow, the interface is clunky and it just is not as good as Xbox Live.

I am also sorry to tell you that MS has had dedicated servers for Xbox Live since Nov. 15, 2002 world wide. Sony relied solely on developer supplied servers for online gaming until the PS3 was launched at the end of 2006. As usual while MS is on the leading edge of technology Sony is running years behind. This will continue with Xbox Live Gold vs. PSN+. MS has upped the ante again with providing 300,000 servers with guaranteed bandwidth to all developers at a much lower price than the developers themselves could provide them at.

This means that you will see a large increase in online gaming options for developers on the Xbox One Platform. You will not see the same thing on PSN+ until Sony ponies up the Billions of dollars required to set up this server infrastructure.

Good luck with that. Sony does not have any more global or North American head quarters to sell for investment cash. You will not see major improvements on the scale that MS has implemented until they stop bleeding cash.

So point made: Xbox created online console gaming and Sony followed, Xbox Live had dedicated servers 4 years before Sony, Xbox Live continues to innovate and provide larger and better infrastructure to gamers and developers, Sony can only follow (provided they start to make some money instead of posting more quarterly losses).

The only thing that PSN+ provided that Xbox Live Gold did not was free games and that has been corrected as both Xbox 360 and Xbox One have this now.

You my friend are the fanboy. Just look at the language and content of your post. You must be about 14? There is nothing wrong with liking something. There is something wrong with liking something blindly without knowing the facts. You would not even have PSN if MS had not created Xbox Live. You should give credit where it is due.

I happen to like Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox as they all have games that my family likes but most online gaming takes place on the Xbox. There just is no comparison. PSN+ is great if you only have a PlayStation but if you have multiple consoles in the house you can bet that most people are using Xbox Live.
DCfan  +   809d ago
"The interface is clunky"
Please, PLEASE!! STFU.
JOHN_DOH  +   809d ago
@ KingDadXVI

Are you serious? Most online games I played on XBOX were p2p. When talking about dedicated servers I think people are talking about server for hosting the game, which is nothing new. There would be a PSN with or without XBOXlive because online games are popular. SONY was making online games before XBOX even came out. Heard of everquest? It was released in 1999, XBOX came out in 2001.
bub16  +   809d ago
its not fair to say their over. lets see what happens this gen before we say this
Belking  +   809d ago
Old rehashed stuff.Only ones who thinks it's over for MS are the sony faithful. Its the usual.
Tctczach  +   809d ago
I would hope not. Last thing we need is a monopoly on the next gen console market. Competition is good.
Ohai  +   809d ago
No one is saying they are. But neither is Sony. The best is yet to come.
madcowz64  +   809d ago
Look back to 2006 when the PS3 came out it was $600(or 20gb for $500). I thought and I'm sure many thought Sony was doomed, the PS3 didn't sell all that well compared to the Wii and the 360. Look at today the PS3 had a lot better sales and the PS4 broke records.

To say it's over is jumping far ahead. If the One doesn't sell that well then I'm sure MS will make adjustments so that it will, just like Sony did.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   809d ago
This is only the beginning. Both consoles need to be out and millions of players need to try them before categorizing either one as a failure or done. Of will take minimum a year to realize if a console is over or not. Its too early in the game and both the ps4 and xb1 have their pros and cons.
SpinalRemains138  +   809d ago
When ps4 sets a record in Xbox territory, you better believe it is a huge deal.

Nothing is in stone of course, but the cutter is certainly reaching for his tools.
lunatic0001  +   809d ago
there is always some idiots out there that think its over...nintendo says hello...its been over for them since the gamecube days and yet they always climb out of their hole...i expect microsoft to do the same thing...this industry needs competition...brings the best out of these gaming companies
pop-voxuli  +   809d ago
Jason Rubin is a twat.
MaverickStar7  +   809d ago
I went from being an Xbox guy when the first Xbox came out to total Xbox fanboy early last gen then slowly migrating to the PS side. I even canceled my XB One reserve in favor just going with the PS4 for now. I have no immediate plans to buy a One but I'm sure I'll pick one up sooner or later. There is no way I would count Microsoft out already. There will be all kinds of changes over the next few years.
That price point is a real kicker. I know all the reasons why they put a kinect in every box, but it still doesn't make me one want one, or make me feel like spending that extra cash. It will be interesting to see how their launch goes and how they respond to both the good and the bad. They have plenty of money and a lot of things in the works to not just roll over and play dead.
bligmerk  +   809d ago
Heh, it was kind of funny a couple years ago when the rabid xbots were saying MS was on the verge of buying multiple studios, and they could because they have so much money. Then it turned out MS hadn't even bought the IP rights to Mass Effect and Gears of War, just publishing for the first versions. In fact, MS started shutting studios down. There is really nothing left of Microsoft Game Studios other than a few Kinect2 casual games. It really looks like MS is getting ready to split off the games division completely and it will be interesting if it survives long on its own. Notice the trend here?

Bungie - left
Rare - comatose
MS Sports - killed
Digital Anvil - killed
MS Flight Simulator - killed
FASA (Mechwarrior,Shadow Run) - killed
MS Game Studios - essentially killed or comatose
#29 (Edited 809d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   809d ago
Naughty DOG you guys can come to the green side when ever you guys desire. Lol
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