Incoming Battlefield 4 Updates For PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4

MP1st - In a continuing effort to smooth out a number of the game’s launch issues, Battlefield 4 developers DICE are rolling out number of updates for the various versions of the game within the coming days.

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kazuma9991851d ago

Thank GOD!!!! I WANTS MY 64v64. Btw I fixed my PS4 it wasnt the ps4 fault it was my screen -_-. Had to buy another tv cuz of it eventhough the other one was 1080p hd D:

RAGE911851d ago

I think the excitement got to his head lol

Cerbus1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

No PS4 and Xbone both to have 64v64.

MWong1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

No PS4 & XBO are 32v32, the PC version probably can do 64v64 since they did in BF3. 64 players @ 60fps.

alexkoepp1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

I hope they get out in front of it and the Xbox one patch is already being worked on so come Friday the game works great on the xb1

Shadonic1849d ago

I hope thats what happens but as I've learned from coding and programming even when you try to fix something more problems could pop up and stuff.

Kleptic1849d ago

BF4 will be just like release, complete mess...and not one single update fixed that...but after a handful of them, out of no where, the game ran beautifully...

then the weapon balancing fun begins...

I'm lucky on the PC side...many are still crashing regularly, but the recent client update last week pushed that down to about 1 crash out of every 20 games...WAY better than it was before it...

Rocky51851d ago

You bought another TV oO

They probably will release an update that supports older TV, they can't expect everyone to go buy a new TV.

kazuma9991851d ago

gf wanted another tv anyways in the bedroom lmao lol

DeadlyFire1851d ago

Gaming device = Monitor. What's all this TV nonsense. :)

JeromeNtheHouse1851d ago

YES! Finally. I can only take so much playin in smaller games.

Jeez...EA and their fuckin rushed products man. Damn!

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MWong1851d ago

Hell, while your at it DICE you need to fix the fact that you can't play a lot of game modes. Specifically, like Conquest, Obliteration and Rush. Whenever, my friends or I try to play either I get a connection failed unable to join the server.

NegativeCreepWA1851d ago

I just cant play conquest, the other work fine for me.

zep1851d ago

yeah cant play conquest at all atm game keeps crashing before the round is over for now its only TDM and SDM with only 50 and 100 tickets lol realy wanted to play conquest for some boost

MWong1851d ago

@ Zep
That's what happens when I try Obliteration and Rush the game constantly crashes. But, yea I cannot play Conquest at all.

qu1ckset1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Same issue still my favourite ps4 game so far out of the 5 I bought (Killzone,bf4,ac4,nfs-r,and knack), another issues is when the game crashes and I reboot it says my game saves for bf4 are corrupted and I have to start sp over , can't wait for them to fix these issues!

locoz311851d ago

I was so looking forward to conquest on ps4 with 64 players! I have tried about a hundred times a day and t still has not worked.

JeromeNtheHouse1851d ago


Me too man. I was super excited to play in 64 player games comin from bf3 on 360, but still can't even do it yet.

AllroundGamer1851d ago

"Fixed an issue where the EMP effect lasted for too long on soldiers. " lol yeah sure fixed, now it's constant blur effect that's causing headaches. So much fail with DICE, my last BF game for sure.

ZILLA1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

We need a major patch or update for PS3 also.hurry pleeeeease !!

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