Battlefield 4 on PS4 to get update, should address “very severe” crash issue

Battlefield 4 on PS4 to get update, should address “very severe” crash issue

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Guelly02091796d ago

EA needs to that to all their games, my FIFA and need for speed be crashing!!

Crazyglues1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Yeah this is really ridiculous - BF4 crashes so often and so bad, there is no way in hell you can tell me you tested this before it rolled out...

No-way.. Mine has crashed over 30 times until I just stopped trying to get it to work and decided to play other stuff... Sometimes it crashes just going through the menu system, How in the world could this have been tested with fails like that. Crashing on intro.. Crashing when joining a game, Crashing when playing- Come On' EA

(fire everyone working in the beta testing building, or better yet actually higher some beta testers first so that way you will have someone to blame)

Really, is EA that clueless or is it that, they just could careless, they do already have your money, it's not like you get a refund for this broke crap... (I can't think of another game that has rolled out this bad)

I love BF4 as much as the next guy, but dam this is frustrating..

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JeromeNtheHouse1796d ago

Yea, EA is somethin else man. They constantly rush games and sell unfinished product. Dice already said they came to em, and pushed em to hurry up and get the game out so they can release before call of duty.

BattleTorn1796d ago

Ever since my save became currupt, and I had to overwrite it.

My game crashes joining any game, or mission - if not in the main menu right away.

Elwenil1795d ago

If you get the popup that says your save file is corrupt and continuing will overwrite it, don't hit "X". Hold the P/S button and close the application, then turn off the PS4, reboot and then run the game again. That should avoid overwriting your saves and losing your settings and single player progress.

parentoftheyear1796d ago

Friday didn't ea say the ps4 update was at fault? I wonder if they knew it was coming. They were pretty quick to say that.

Yodagamer1796d ago

It wouldn't be the first time a day one patch ruined a game. It happened with the Wii u version of sonic racing as well.

kwiksilver991796d ago

what exactly do they mean by a 'severe' crash issue?
do crashes have grades of severity?
or are they just talking about the most common one?

Jaybronee1796d ago

Please fix server crashes, conquest, ability to join a game with my squad, etc. Love BF but this sucks.

davethedj1796d ago

thats nice hehe i hope patch comes out before we in euro get our ps4 :=)

EximiusNebula1796d ago

I must be in the minority. I have yet to experience any crashes. My only problem is there are no conquest servers.

BattleTorn1796d ago

Same here, until it crashed on the last campaign mission, and lost all my progress, and MP stats.


Elwenil1795d ago

There are conquest servers, on PS4 at least. You have to go to the server browser and use the filter to find them. The search also seems to be a bit bugged so just searching for any "Conquest Large" server usually pops up a ton of unoccupied servers. If you search Conquest Large on a specific map, I can usually find one with people in it. They are never full and various things like a falling building can crash the server and kick everyone, but you can get a taste of Conquest. Zavod 311 seems to be the most popular so far and the easiest to find a couple people in. It will probably be the "Caspian Border" map of BF4.

Maxor1796d ago

It's rather ironic that the PC version works fine now while the PS4 launched with the same exact issues.

AllroundGamer1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

fine now? :DD just look at the battlelog comments... it's still crap. Even worse, now there is a horrible blur bug, from which people get headaches and dizzy.

Maxor1796d ago

This problem is server side so on the right server I can play for hours without issue on the PC. On the PS4 I can't even connect for more than 5 mins without a crash on 64 players conquest.

As the result everyone is playing domination which is fun as hell. I'm loving this new mode.

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