Call of Duty: Ghosts Tips & Tricks - Submachine Guns

MWEB GameZone's Holden ZA is here to give you the competitive advantage with his Tip & Tricks series. Today we are talking about Small Machine Guns, so get ready to unpin the grenade of information heading your way.

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Sillicur1648d ago

Great article well done!

HoldenZA1648d ago

Thanks Sillicur!
Glad you enjoyed it

HanCilliers1648d ago

Extremely thorough article, really everything you need to know about Ghosts SMG's

Choc_Salties1648d ago

I didn't play enough of Ghosts, is there a P90 in the mix? That's still the ultimate spray & pray

DesVader1648d ago

Great set up tips and tricks as always from HoldenZA. Good to see you building on the great series from Black Ops 2!