New Soul Calibur II HD Online Gameplay Video Revealed

Ahead of the upcoming launch of Soul Calibur II HD Online this week, Namco Bandai Games Europe has decided that it’s time to bring gamers a fresh new gameplay video.

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user95970821851d ago

If only there wre a wii u release. The lack of link forces me to stick to my gamecube copy.

JohnnyTower1851d ago

I sure don't miss the GameCube controllers for fighting games. I still have my wii around so I can play some old GameCube gems like rebel strike and lord of the rings.

PurpHerbison1851d ago

I can do without a keebler elf in a roster full of bad ass characters.

PurpHerbison1850d ago

Link was also low tier, not that it really matters. Glad his image isn't pussifying this release. Just 1 more day!