Five Free-To-Play Games Everyone Needs to Try

Blockbuster games are a dime a dozen and get all the coverage they need, but what about the great free to play games that are simply waiting for you to try them out? If you're like me and have some time on your hands, but just not sure what to do, then finding a new world to explore can become a chore. There's just too many games out there and a lot of them are crap and unworthy of our time; it's enough to make us crazy. Hopefully my pick of 5 free to play games will keep you sane...well, at least for a little while longer.

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GentlemenRUs1851d ago

Most of them are pure P2W...

Fireseed1851d ago

Except for the fact that every game on that list (aside from Marvel heroes) is completely not P2W...

xeno041851d ago

I don't think any of those are P2W There's a lot of grinding involved though, I think. Not sure about dota or lol though Those any good?

Lastly fireseed , how is marvel heroes Pay to win? I picked up the game a few weeks ago, and I'm loving that someone out there thinks the game is fun . That said it's def not pay to win, I don't see a need to buy anything except some extra storage slots an that's hardly a must have. I heard it was crap at launch but now they have in game currency to buy heroes with, can't wait to get my hands on the hulk.

Fireseed1851d ago

Dang I had a feeling I should elaborate on that in the comment. I don't necessarily think Marvel heroes is pay to win, but it's the only game on that list that I don't play regularly so I just can't say for sure.

Grave1851d ago

Really don't know why War Thunder isn't on that list. It's like 1000 times better than WoT.

Volfenstein1843d ago

Dota 2 is not P2W you have every hero available to you from the get go. You don't have to buy runes or champions like you do League of Legends, which seems necessary for those who wish to keep up with the game. In Dota 2 the only things for you to buy in the in-game shop are for purely cosmetic reasons.