PlayStation 4 improvements over PlayStation 3

MWEB GameZone's Wessel Minnie takes a look at all the improvements that Sony have made to their PlayStation 4 in comparison to the PlayStation 3.

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HanCilliers1853d ago

Very informative article, but I am still not convinced of buying the PS4 for those reasons

Sillicur1853d ago

True, will have to wait and see how the console war turns out!

Choc_Salties1853d ago

Blah Blah fish paste, where is the media centre capability that has been OMITTED??

Sillicur1853d ago

I wish I could answer you! :)

Elda1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Things load up on all accounts so much faster including Hulu & Netflix & I love the controller,while playing Resogun & Killzone I was startled when at certain parts of the game verbal audio came out the controller speaker,I was looking around as if it was coming from my smartphone not realising the controller had a speaker...LOL.Great to own all three Sony systems!

Sillicur1853d ago

yeh ! The loading times are shockingly fast almost, wonder how they managed to pull it off!