What Updates Should Be Done In Next PS4 Firmware

As with the launch of PS4 many app and features were added in it, but it’s not all of it. Players need something more in PS4. Here we have some new updates that should be added in the next Firmware update of PS4.

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allformats1823d ago

Good question. Everything that fixes current problems.

zeee1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I'd like to see a couple of changes and fixes.

First, I'd love to be able to use my PlayStation wireless headset for both chat and game sound.

Second, pressing PS button when you earn a trophy should pop the details.

Third, same goes for chat messages. When someone sends you a message, pressing the home button should bring up the complete message.

The UI background music is annoying like hell. The first thing I did was removing it. Custom music should be allowed.

Lastly, there should be an option in Party that should allow the leader to launch a game and that game should launch on party member's consoles if they have it but of course make this optional so that they could allow the action.

Evil_Abed1823d ago

The message and trophy suggestions sound familiar. I feel like they are already features somewhere.

sincitysir11823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

OFFLINE TROPHIES. Seriously wtf. Oh and customized wallpapers. I'm all for the blue but please some customization. And folders. And killzone needs in game chat. Not just in party chat

Ares84HU1823d ago

In my opinion, those are very useless other than bluetooth headset support. How is the background music annoying to you? Seriously, it's so calming. Though I do agree that costum music would be nice.

I think MP3 and video files support is more important. One of my favorite things was is to play games like Burnout Paradise or
NFS with my own tunes and watch video files on my PS3. How could they not include these basic features??

Also, costum themes should be available starting with costum wallpapers. So a picture library is necessary.

Than the ability to sort your library, That horizontal line is really long at this point after getting 4 retail games and some downloadable games and demos. It would be nice if there everything was in a folder and pressing on it would bring up everything like it is in the library folder and the only game that was in that vertical line was the game that has it's disc inserted. Also in that library folder there should be subfolders being installed games and demos so it would be easy to choose what you want. Or just put them in different colums.

Settings are very limited too and a bit confusing. That should be sorted out as well.

Lastly, when I click on my profile, I want to see the latest trophies I earned just like on PS3.

NegativeCreepWA1823d ago

Blue tooth mic support and the ability to mute people via PSN profile.

minimur121823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I just want mp4/dlna playback and I'll be a happy bunny :)

suspend mode would be good aswell, but I'm not to bothered about that because im used to ps3 startup

Lwhit61823d ago

Agree on everything. I want to be able to utilize my Pulse Elites to their full potential.

One other thing I want is a party option. So I can join a game of battlefield with my friends instead of the fiasco that is trying to get into a server together right now.

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Marcello1823d ago

I want BC !! I want to play Uncharted & TLOU upscaled :P

Conzul1823d ago

Gaikai will be here next year.

Though, I really miss hardware BC. They should have made another launch version of PS4 with that capability. Thing would have sold out....

bujasem_891823d ago

honestly... I just wanna be able to pause my donwloads if I want something else to download first... its just wrong that my only option is delete!!

bujasem_891823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I think this is picky but I agree the PS4 definitely needs aa lot more soft touches to it's UI. also, would be sweet if voice commands turned on a ps4 from stand by..

anyway here's the list.

(-I want to be able to pause my downloads, when I get games from PSN, as it is, you can only delete what you're downloading if you have priority for something over another, and when you re-download the item, it starts all over again ( real pain! just add pause button like PS3 had)

-also, voice commands are very cool, but can't I use commands directly with "playstation"? the pause you take after is annoying.

-another thing is messages or when friends sign in, pressing the home button should take you to that pop up directly, instead of pushing like 4 Xs.

-also, the button maneuvering sound in the menu, I'm not too crazy about it, but I can't have it off, so I would like to change it. it's too sharp.

I know I know some of these issues are very slight, but it is what I do prefer, I think others might agree if they thought about it.

Thank you, also, MKV and NTFS format support would be great! )

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6DEAD6END61823d ago

For some reason I'm not getting an overview of the games I downloaded. There suppose to be options when a game is high lighted but all I get is start. Is anyone else having the same problem?

sincitysir11823d ago

Psn problems. Shud be up now

6DEAD6END61823d ago

thanks bubbled you for the reply.

OrangePowerz1823d ago

I take the 3D blu ray support and suspend mode. That`s all I want when I get mine next week here in the UK.

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tigertron1823d ago

Hopefully we get another firmware by the time the PS4 launches in Europe.

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