Call of Duty: Ghosts holding on to number 1 in the UK Chart

Call of Duty: Ghosts holds onto its number one lead in this weeks UK Chart while nearly being pushed into second by new arrival Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

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Z_-_D_-_31772d ago

This game shouldn't even have the right to die in a hole - every single copy of this franchise ever manufactured should be shipped off to space.

Swiggins1772d ago

How about we ship you off instead ;)

How dare other people like something you don't! The NERVE!!!

mcstorm1772d ago

Good to see Pokemon Y & X still up there. Should be interesting over the next 2 weeks to see if any xbox one or PS4 games can knock it off top spot or if ghosts is top of the next gen games too.

cleric201772d ago

Interesting to see the XB1 COD:G enter on the single format chart at number 10 this week, which follows the PS4 COD:G that entered at number 6 last week (and fell to 34 this week) here's the source:
Going to be interesting to see which next gen console bags the most COD fans (given that the current gen it is about 1.75 on 360 to 1 on PS3)