Bonus Round: Xbox's Money War

The Bonus Round panel looks at how Microsoft's fight may center on your wallet

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Ashunderfire861772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

If Xbox one has a smooth launch without faulty system issue like the Ps4, then it could be bad for PS4 at the moment. I wonder how many of those people that complain on Amazon, and other outlets will switch shifts and get an Xbox one? I am no Xbox fanboy, but I am a fan of all things gaming. Just asking the question here. I digress.

Pachter is on the money again in this Bound Round! He made a great point about having a free one year Xbox Live on Xbox One for launch. It makes perfect sense, plus Microsoft has the money here. Seamus Blackley tell it like it is for Microsoft to get their thick heads out of the sand, and smell the coffee. Jason Rubin made a point about Xbox One not over yet, despite the DRM issue that surface a while back. You know what I thought Microsoft was going to eventually change their policy next year, when they realize that their console failed at launch. They change it right after E3, talking about bad timing when they could of win people over. Had they change their policy at E3, Sony would of change their message a bit. Xbox one would have been my first next gen console, but the bad PR ruin the console for me. I will pick it up sometime next year. Now I am enjoying my PS4. Here is my PSN if anybody want to add me! legionaire2008(the year I got my PS3).

MightyNoX1772d ago

They have the money but not the will. That 'O' face they made when he told them that idea is all you need to know.

Also, likening them to Katuragi was brilliant.