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Lucreto1853d ago

The same day as Infamous Second Son.

Too many games again.

Hicken1853d ago

Ain't that some shhh?

Gotta have it, anyway. Too bad there's no cross buy, though.

cleft51853d ago

Glad I haven't put the ps3 away. Looking forward to this and Infamous Second Son.

FamilyGuy1853d ago

Son of a bi...

Guess I'll be pick FF10 up a couple weeks after it's launch then.

UltimateMaster1853d ago

It's actually 3 days earlier for the US.

Hellsvacancy1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Dark Souls 2 is out in March aswel, very dumb move by SE

If I import the Japanese version will it include english voice acting or english subtitles? it's out in December in Japan

FFXHD is what I was going to be playing until DS2 releases...............then it's PS4 time

Rynocirator1853d ago

Let's not forget that Destiny, MGSV, and a few other games are slated for a spring release and could also release in march.

minimur121853d ago

It most likely won't, there's a reason final Fantasy LR is releasing 3 months apart from Japan and EU, probably the same thing

Marcello1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Ok well i am glad we finally have a date, that's only 2 & half years after the first announcement. Its taken them longer to HD remaster the game than it did Squaresoft to develop the game from scratch but it does seem they have put a ton of work into it, just noticed in the trailer they have lip synced the English nice one SE :)

arvinsc311853d ago

I'm just guessing, I feel PS Vita-TV for North American and EU region will be released sometime in Feb. or March, playing FF-X will be cooler than ever!

My_precious1853d ago


21 march

damn, that quite await

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The story is too old to be commented.