[MWEB GameZone Review] Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman – The Perfect Game

Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman is a side scrolling action RPG the likes of which I have never experienced. The game combines smooth, skill based combat with a brilliant story, beautiful graphics and amazing sound to create the perfect mobile gaming experience while still managing to incorporating player choice and a wide variety of RPG elements.

The game is a must play for any mobile gamer and will not dissapoint even the most scrutinizing of players.

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Choc_Salties1823d ago

high praise indeed fort a mobile app. I'm still of the mind that Carmageddon is THE perfect game for mobile :)

Sillicur1823d ago

I have been meaning to play Carmageddon for awhile now, used to play it back in the day on my PC!

plut0nash1822d ago

I concur. Carmageddon is THE mobile game for me. There's another coming for Xbox One :)

HanCilliers1823d ago

Wow, what an enchanting gem. Gosh, this game is a must play. Loved, loved this review as well

Sillicur1823d ago

Thank you, I am still enjoying this game so much!

schmoe1822d ago

Agreed, very well written review indeed. Sadly, i think I may have enjoyed the review more than playing the game... feedback shortly :-)

schlanz1822d ago

It's an okay game.. appropriate use of IAP, good controls (for a touchscreen sidescrolling action game), good use of humor in the story.

It gets repetitive, though, and the jumping is a little too floaty and the combat a little sloppy. Definitely no 10/10 in my book but it's still worth a play.

Sillicur1822d ago

JUmping so high is just fun!!!

plut0nash1822d ago

tbh Mobile is awesome but I find it hard to play on smaller screens with more involved games. Racing sims come to mind.

schmoe1822d ago

thankfully you can always bring the screen closer to your face right? :-)

plut0nash1821d ago

Age old PC tactics right :P

HoldenZA1822d ago

Just trying out this game at the moment, and so far its pretty good