Minecraft Playstation versions information.Great news about the PS Vita

Minecraft the hit indie sandbox game is coming to all Playstation formats.The PS4 version was supposed to be a launch title,but was pushed back.But what about the PS Vita version?There was a mystery until now about whether the handheld's version will be based on the console code or be developed around the pocket editions(ios,android)

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sherimae24131771d ago

ofcourse the vita can handle the 360 version anyone who thinks that the mincraft for vita will be just a port of pocket edition is just a hater

Beetey1771d ago

Actually, it wouldn't have surprised me at all if the Vita had got the pocket edition. While yes, it is very capable of handling the 360 version, that doesn't mean it will get it. The Vita has got the shaft way to many times for me to have any kind of expectations regarding these things.

Anyway, this is wonderful news. Hopefully we will get a release date soon.

SirBradders1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

The vita's a monster of a handheld.

GentlemenRUs1771d ago

Was hoping for the PC coded one but I guess this will have to do.

mixelon1771d ago

The pc version will never be finished. (Intentionally) The recent 1.7 update changed half the code, the way biomes are generated etc... If theyd been working on porting the earlier code theyd have had to change things on a constant basis.

I cant blame them for not making the consoles the same as the pc version - itd be a ridiculously difficult job going after a moving target like that.

I hope a lot of the pc stuff continues to trickle down to the console versions though.

Jurat1771d ago

I spend more time with Minecraft 360 than I do with the PC version these days. It’s had some major overhauls during the past 12 months. It’ll always be one step behind PC, but for me the controller/couch setup works so much better.
Can't wait to experience it on Vita

mixelon1771d ago

Have you tried xpadder? Its pretty easy to get PC MC running with an xbox360 controller.

The biomes are muuch nicer in pc 1.7 - i hope that makes it over to the console versions at some point.

Jurat1771d ago

tbh, I haven't actually tried 1.7 yet.
I do have a gaming rig plugged into my living room TV, but the wireless keyboard/mouse combo isn’t very comfortable. I’d need to buy a wired controller, right?

Baylex1770d ago

@Jurat Once you have a 360 wired controller you'll never want to play another game with mouse and keyboard again (not talking about multiplayers);)

mixelon1770d ago

Jurat - You can get usb receivers for the normal wireless remotes. Not sure if MS still makes them but third parties do - sometimes claiming they're official. I got one of those and it works perfectly - build quality is crap though, and i had to manually install the drivers rather than use the installer on the disc it came with.

Depends if you already have 360 remotes around as to what's best to get. :)

DA_SHREDDER1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

my son has been waiting for this to come to the ps3 for i dont know how long now? It sucks that he's had to wait this long, but in the end it will all be worth it. ps3 gamesharing and no online monthly fee so both my kids get a copy and can play with each other, they are only 10 months apart

LtSkittles1771d ago

4J Studios has said that the PS3 version will be the first to go into testing.

DA_SHREDDER1770d ago

sounds great, the kids deserve it.

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