Xbox One's Reviews in 7 Hours (6am Pacific)

With the Xbox One launch a week away, many have been asking when our Xbox One reviews will be posting. Here are your answers.


The Reviews are all Up

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Mikelarry1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

It's definitely gonna be interesting. We can see what ms has been cooking up all this time. Anyone coming to n4g for the next couple of weeks for mature topics is out of luck I predict bloody battles from both camps

come_bom1313d ago

Absolutely not. Everybody on N4G are civilized people that respect others opinions. /s

HammerKong1313d ago

we dont know but its true that here are many fanboys ,who only takes one side people must understand that what matters is games and experince and its on them what they likes the most we people dont want to hear their fanboy voices.have good dissussins.

ZodTheRipper1313d ago

I'm expecting Polygon to go full retard and the other media to rate everything in favour for MS just as always.

sincitysir11313d ago

After playing knack an loving it I decided reviews are stupid for all games. If ur undecided screw reviews. Watch a stream and it'll help u decide. Knack is an awesome game an the reviewers did it a disservice. So if any Xbox games get low scores just watch a stream and ill realize how great streaming is. Honestly guys.

Thehyph1313d ago

I know what you mean.
I bought killzone and knack, but killzone isn't getting any love yet. Knack is so satisfying.

Forget the media. Ironic that I say that on a news aggregate. I've encountered numerous people on this site that are more knowledgeable and realistic than some of the idiots disguised as journalists. Don't get me wrong, there are moronic posters here, too.

Felonycarclub81312d ago

At the two above me, knack is awesome I really don't understand some of the reviews is like they were expecting something out of this world. Knack is like a tribute game to crash bandicoot and I loved bandicoot and I like games like this where I don't have to be so serious all the time and just have fun. When I read reviews for games I try to look for things that should be a concern and separate the BS that the reviewer has with the game.

Thehyph1312d ago


I think it's one of the beautiful things about live from PlayStation.
At any point you can just fire that up and there are countless streams out there for any games available on ps4. I think it's a great thing because many out there already do that with YouTube.
It's like you can review a ps4 game on your ps4 before you actually pay for it.

P0werVR1312d ago

I predict a quiet crowd on the other side, because we'll be playing a lot of FUN games.

Day One Gaming more

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sobotz1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

No matter what the scores are, there will be fanboys blood spilled today.

jackanderson19851313d ago

this will be interesting... are those times just IGNs times or does it apply to the rest aswell like eurogamer etc etc?

DeadManIV1313d ago

I assume the embargo ends for everyone at the same time - makes sense.

GreenRanger1313d ago

Give us a fair, non-biased, non-bribed review please.

colonel1791313d ago

You are asking for way too much!

thrust1313d ago

Yeah because on this site any good review for the xbox will be because they have been paid off

sobotz1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Even the negatives one for PS games are because they've been paid by MS, such logic

colonel1791313d ago

Woah, coming to defend the Xbox and assuming things that weren't even written.

My comment was about gaming journalism in general, not Xbox reviews. Since when have you seen a fair, non-biased, non-bribed review on any site? If you have, it is definitely an exception. Since last generation, gaming journalism has been crap.

Moncole1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Most sites do that but when ever a person doesn't agree with the score the site must have gotten payed.

Moncole1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

the site did a double post.

Evil_Abed1312d ago

What you WANT is average scores for Xbox On exclusives. You aren't going to get them, they aren't average.

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nope1111313d ago

Sound the alarms, grab your shields!!!!