Gamer Changers? Do The Xbox One And PS4 Really Matter?

Paul Thurrott "With Sony launching its PlayStation 4 today and Microsoft's Xbox One just a week away, I've begun my UPS vigil by the front window. But with images of late night game playing dancing in my pre-holiday head, I'm starting to wonder whether these new consoles will really push the needle forward in a meaningful way. It's quite possible, in fact, that the Xbox One and PS4 are simply ushering in the end of the video game console era."

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PoSTedUP1828d ago

i think you are terrible mistaken that ps4 will only sell 50 million, i think the ps3 will hit 100m by the time they discontinue it. and i think you are wrong that this will be the last era of consoles, i bet they are aleady starting to work on the ps5 lol. nintendo have been f-ing up with their consoles, thats their own problem, its stuck in the last gen without many games for over a year or anything new and catchy and little marketing. ps3 hit speed bumps due to price (it launched at 600+ tax). this gen ps4 and xbox will dominate the market, im caling 90m ps4s in 5 years.

DeadManIV1828d ago

They have not, they have alot to deal with ps4 - they cannot think about ps5 now

Chrischi19881828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Nonsense, there is a hype going on right now, it will sell good right now, but it will settle to solid, but normal numbers.

Every console sold well during its launch and the hype definitely helped to sell very well during launch.

The gap between PCs and Consoles is huge enough already and this gap will increase even further, with Steam OS and Mantle and Nvidias API. I see new consoles coming, but earlier then we all expect. 10 years for one generation is way to long and will only hold back, what could be done. In 2 years, every mid range PC is way better then a PS4 for example, if the generation would take like 10 years, then PCs are like 16x faster, considering, that PCs double their transistors every 2 years, I know, it is said every 18 month, but in reality it is 2 years, had that at my university in tech history for semiconductor materials class. 10-2=8 8/2=4 2^4=16, so just that you know, where I got my numbers from.

Consoles wont die out, but they wont be the same as PCs, as people want it to be.

That is actually also very funny troll mentality: PCs suck, I dont want a PC, but if a console becomes more like a PC, it is really good and your console sucks, because it isnt as much like a PC, as my console is.

PoSTedUP1827d ago

a generation is about every 6-7 years. consoles are becoming more like PCs, but if everyone cared about power consoles would have died out last generation. the fact that the big games sell better on consoles is proof that they will be around for a while. and i still dont know how you were trying to reply to my comment tho... i dont recall comparing consoles to PCs...

The_KELRaTH1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I'm not suggesting that it's the end of the line for consoles BUT it wouldn't be the 1st time the console took a nose dive in favour of the home computer.
Who wanted a console when you could have a home games computer like Atari 8bit/ST, Commodore 64 / Amiga, Sinclair Spectrum.

Also if you think of the next gen console from an ECO friendly environment it would be near the bottom - all the raw power being used just for games and a few minor tasks. Home computers, helped ppl with their home or office work, allowed owners not just to play games but to learn how to write their own programs - it was a real tool for the home.

Chrischi19881828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Do they really matter? For me not so much, I like them all, but hate fanboys and have to correct their BS, especially when they troll somewhere, where they do not belong, but then act like the others, who are disagreeing with them, are the worst^^ Childs behaviour.

So again, do they matter? Sadly, they do matter for many people, because it is their only light in life, that is actually the only explanation, why fanboys become soooo overly attacked, when somebody says something bad about their console. Fanboys are a sad bunch, logic is something, they are not befriended with, because it could destroy their little pictured world they live in.

If you do not consider yourself a fanboy, then you should not feel yourself spoken to, I am really only talking about illogical trolling fanboys, whose life is actually a console, I mean, I too love consoles, but am trying to see the good and to have logic arguments, but that is actually not possible to have on this board here, where about 60% are immature little 12 year old boys, who get 1 console for christmas and then the rest sucks deep and you have to fight for your console^^ such nonsense.

Now you all can downvote me, I dont expect anything else on here, from the 12 year olds :(

ibrake4naps1828d ago

They'll only stop making consoles when the internet infrastructure is up to snuff for mass streaming game services.