Top Black Friday 2013 Video Game Deals


"Now that most of the Black Friday 2013 Ads have leaked or generally been published by the majority of retail establishments, we've take a microscope to our comprehensive list and are ready to pull out the top video game deals from the duds."

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Muffins12231042d ago

Wounder if their will be any sale for ps4 stuff.

GBELKIN11041d ago

No because the new consoles have just launched but stay alert in December because there will be deals for PS4 & Xbox One games.

Muffins12231041d ago

Not evevn for a controller or headset?

GBELKIN11040d ago

once again the controller & headset are accessories & we'll most likely not see any price reductions on those items either.

iSuperSaiyanGod1039d ago

Wrong ^ theres going to be some .

cpayne931041d ago

Probably gonna get a 3ds xl along with mario 3d land, ocarina of time 3d, and RE revelations using gamestops buy 2 get 1 free deal. Also aiming for gow: ascension, Kingdom Hearts 1.5, and far cry 3.

Jagsrock1041d ago

dishonored for $10 hmmm

Remy_S1041d ago

No Vita deals? Booooo!