PS4 Red Light, Overheating Due To Thermal Paste Lead Sabotage?

Gaming Blend "At this point, it's easy to brush off this instance as feckless forum chatter from 4Chan, however all of the above gathers immense weight when proof of faulty thermal pasting was discovered in a day-one unboxing and thermal grease replacement video from YouTube user Rick The Electronic Guy."

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allformats1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

All these rumors. You had over 1 million consoles sold in 24hrs, there were going to be defect units.

The only reason this "news" is sticking around is because of social media.

Also, people rather spread bad news than good. Most people are enjoying PS4s, and never share their great experience. But let something go wrong and the whole world knows about it.

Also, some of these videos and "news" are made just for hits and clicks.

This particular video is taking it a bit far... But whatever. PS4 is a beast! The best machine Sony's ever made.

cyguration1374d ago

dude calm down. The video doesn't take it too far, it's just a cleaning video that notes the thermal paste is already dried out before he even used the system.

it doesn't mean the PS4 is terrible or anything, it just means that there might be traceable reasons behind some of the faulty units.

allformats1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Well if that's the case, your submission's title is sensationalist because it speaks of "sabotage", and as you've stated, the video does not point towards that.

shoddy1374d ago

Still under warranty so exchange until you get the working one

PoSTedUP1374d ago

the article is pretty concrete as it backs up the interns claims of using faulty thermal paste intentionally to sabotage. lead based thermal paste that corrodes quickly, depletes the silver, cutting the life of the gpu and cpu short by not letting the ps4's fans know it is getting too hot (or something like that). and the dude gets his day one ps4 with completely useless thermal paste right out of the box.

the bad part is that they have to leave it up to Chinas police to identity the intern (which posted on the college forum where they used the students).... before sony can investigate? i hope not, i hope they can get right down to the bottom of this. i hope foxxcom* dies and their workers get the treatment they deserve. im definately going to be cautious of where my ps4 comes from.

NateCole1374d ago


That student if found and his crime proven will most likely get the death penalty.

China takes these case extremely seriously because it will affect their manufacturing sector negatively is this is true.

I just hope this is not true not just for this kid but also for anyother potential PS4 owner getting one of these allegedly bad PS4.

M-M1374d ago

I knew this would be one of the reasons for this, I stated it in another post 2 days ago.

PoSTedUP1374d ago

@NateCole- eh youre prob right. then im with you 100%. more for the kids sake. it just sucks there for the most part.

harrisk9541374d ago


"dude calm down."

allformats said nothing wrong and his post was not "over the top", nor did he sound like he was having a breakdown over the article. Instead, it sounds like someone is getting a bit defensive about an article they submitted.

cyguration1374d ago


I just don't see how the video takes it too far? The guy is literally just walking people through taking apart the PS4 and notes the thermal paste is already dried.

lol... am I missing something?

bayport1374d ago

I'm not horrible surprised by the dried up paste. They did it last gen as well.

Autodidactdystopia1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

This guy going at this ps4 is like watching a baby seal trying to perform brain surgery.


Probably should have practiced a bit first, he's lucky he didn't break it.

Also, The paste seen in the video is supposed to harden, Hardness has nothing to do with thermal conductivity. The way that heatsink is designed it doesn't have a .0... etc micron surface to adhere to that thermal paste is meant to bridge any gap left inbetween the processor and the heatspreader, what he did was replace that with something that is meant to be .ooetc microns in thickness to get the best heat transfer, essentially he added resistance to the heat transfer and will likely incur problems in the future, if he really wanted to replace his paste he could have used a TIM pad, whichyou can buy in many thicknesses, or even a thick paste. Arctic silver just because of the name is not the best for the job.

Maybe something from the prolimatech range.

This dude seemed to know little to nothing about what he was doing..

Please do your research before you overheat your ps4's with arctic silver.

hakeem09961374d ago

So one guy is responsible for all the broken PS4's .Yeah right !!!!

gigoran1374d ago


And? That worker knew the crime. That worker knew the penalty for that crime. Hence the sentence "do the crime face the time". If he didn't want the punishment he should not have done it in the first place. So, find him and give him what he has coming to him. If it's death it is his fault and his fault alone. next you're going to be telling me people shouldn't get the death penalty in Indonesia when they try to smuggle in massive amounts of drugs and ruin thousands of lives.

abzdine1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

i think it's still a good idea to change the paste from day one.
if his PS4 has dry paste out of the box then it's maybe a good idea to take action from the beginning.
i am gonna do it i already have Arctic Silver 5 at home.
The question is, why doesn't he "butter" the paste on the processor? i thought there should be a thin layer???

DragonKnight1374d ago

The bigger issue is that people haven't commented on the fact that by opening your PS4 like that on day one, you immediately voided the warranty on the very first day. Now if there are any problems at all, you get to pay for the fix.

SilentNegotiator1373d ago

Then why title the article that way?

Oh, it's CinemaBlend. I guess I'm not surprised.

warczar1373d ago


You think it's ok for some poor bastard to get the death penalty because he may or may not have sabotaged PS4 production because he works at a forced labor camp and they treat him like shit? I hope I'm not the only person on here who thinks you are a huge fucking douche bag who deserves to be put in a Chinese forced labor camp. Just so you know, the Chinese government has total control over the internet in China so don't worry your stupid little head about it, they will find the student in question and probably kill him. hope that makes you feel better you prick.

Dude4201373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Well, the guy certainly has to pay for another PS4 if it screws up.

krazeecain1373d ago

@Autodidactdystopia What are you talking about? All metal surfaces have some kind of micron-level roughness and inconsistency. And arctic silver is one of the best kinds of thermal paste you can buy! It's almost certainly better than the cheap OEM crap. Even if applied sloppy and thick, the mechanical retention will often squeeze the paste to an acceptable thickness. I've winced at how thick my classmates would apply thermal paste in my computer class, but they've rarely had an issue with it.

SITH1373d ago

Lmao! one person caused all of this. Please! Sony went cheap in the wrong places. I have seen this before and so have you, in the 36o. Microsoft went cheap with the 36o to make a profit and it cost them a billion dollars. Funny it was a very similar problem. Insufficient thermal paste, over heating, warping of the cpu when it cooled resulting in failure at the solder points.

bmx_bandit1373d ago

Okay lets have a look, its quite simple:

- Sony has financial problems. Fact.

- to get money, PS4 HAS TO BE a success.

- to make it a success, it has to be cheap->more buyers-> more success

- even if the PS4 costs billions in R&D and Sony sells the console cheaper than they could afford, it still has to be cheap…so its a risky game especially when it comes to BLOD and stuff.

nukeitall1373d ago

I wonder if my PS4 suffered any problems?

I won\t have a chance to open it for another number of days.

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cyguration1374d ago

I'm guessing you didn't read the article.

_QQ_1374d ago

They never do on here

kenshiro1001374d ago

It should have been titled better.

thekhurg1374d ago

Your flamebait title is going to cause this to happen. But you clearly wanted that because it would drive the heat up on this site. Trolling with news articles, congrats.

ThanatosDMC1374d ago

If the title suck, a lot less people would click on it. Pretty much your fault.

warczar1373d ago


Man you have a long history of whining and complaining. Here's an idea, go to another website and end all of your misery.

iloveallgames1373d ago

Uhmmmm... You guys do know that cyguration didn't write that title, right? That is Cinema Blend's title, he just copied and pasted it which is exactly what N4G submission rules require him to do.

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kewlkat0071374d ago

Dude the damage control is amazing..right now everyone is taking a deep look at this console because of the issues..I mean a really deep look so certain things m might be discovered.

Chill, the console is not perfect.

Hicken1374d ago

"Chill, the console is not perfect."

That's part of the point, isn't it? That people are jumping over the few(though a lot, potentially, it's still relatively few in contrast to a million systems) incidents, seeming to HOPE that it hints at a larger problem with the PS4.

MRMagoo1231374d ago

I really cant wait for the xbone release because its gonna get hammered by all the rampant sony fanboys on the net lol, then we will see how the xbone fanboys opinions on the subject change to suit them as they usually do.