The Search For A Shiny Pokemon Just Got A Lot Easier

Hardcore Gamer: There’s good news for the shiny Pokémon seekers out there, as there’s now a way to basically guarantee that you will get a shiny pokémon and it isn’t a game hack.

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GodlyPanda1171825d ago

Ruins the excitement of encountering one, in my opinion.

I remember my first shiny encounter was Girafarig in Sapphire and I freakin' ran across the hallway and shoved the GBA onto my brother's face: "SHINYYYY!!" God I miss those days lol

admiralvic1825d ago

I think it goes both ways...

I would say the excitement was ruined by hackers, but at least this gives people a real chance to get them. It really sucks when you just like a special color and spend hours upon hours upon years without ever getting the shiny one you want.

TekoIie1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Ah I remember mine too! A Shiny Poochyena.

Oh my god that golden fur is beautiful :3