PS4 systems freezing when players exit to UI while updating Warframe

PS4 early adopters beware, a new system lock-up issue has crept up with a specific game with proof from multiple users of the system freezing issue if players exit to the system's UI while downloading the game's latest update.

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Majin-vegeta1766d ago

Never encountered this when downloading it

Enemy1766d ago

Notice they made up the story right at the source. Provided no details to what the "error" is called, no photos, no video. Getting exceedingly desperate.

dazzrazz1766d ago

How can you have error when your system freezes ?

mrbojingles1766d ago

Oh man you haven't heard of this error? Well they updated the post with proof.

ABeastNamedTariq1766d ago

It isn't fake or anything like that. Happened to me twice.

Derekvinyard131766d ago

Enemy should lose a bubble for trolling. He updated it with two links now and still no response back admitting he was wrong.

theWB271766d ago
There are a few threads on GAF talking about it. Maybe this isn't something desparate, and just your fellow gamer letting each other know the potential of your brand new PS4 having problems.

This is good information...stop being so defensive and let the internet do its job and inform. TeamXbox here...but I still feel bad whenever I read of somoeone's PS4 having problems.

ShinMaster1766d ago

That's literally the only issue I've had on the PS4.
Next time I'm holding down the PS button to close Warframe before going back to the UI until they update the game.

MasterCornholio1766d ago

Its probably just a software glitch and im pretty sure that they will fix it soon.

Nexus 7 2013

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mrbojingles1766d ago

Why did anyone disagree with you? If you didn't get the issue that's nice for you right? Lol. Anyway, yea its happening to people (not all) if they exit to the system's menu while the game is updating.

kingdom181766d ago

Happened to me, reboot in safe mode, restart and we're good to go again.

camel_toad1766d ago

I don't even understand why this is worth mentioning. All of my previous gen systems and pc's lock up from time to time - it's not like the ps4 is bricked from it.

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ABeastNamedTariq1766d ago

This happened to me. Downloading the updates on Warframe froze it. My dumb ass didn't know how to hard reset the PS4 yet, so I turned off my power strip.

I think it's an issue having to do with trying to play the game when it isn't installed, or something like that.

Anyway, after I waited for a while, I tried again, and it worked (downloaded) just fine. I'm liking the game so far. It's like a fast-paced Mass Effect multiplayer.

Majin-vegeta1766d ago

Yea been playing it since release and love it.Just wish i knew how to get more platinum without buyin it :/.

SpinalRemains1381766d ago

10-20 a day bro.

Lifes a garden, dig it

GreenRanger1766d ago

I hope Sony can fix all this bullshit before the European launch.

neocores1766d ago

No problem for me lol just a click bait troll

mrbojingles1766d ago

What? Are you literally not reading it? There is proof of dozens of people saying they've had this issue in addition to the author.

neocores1766d ago

By dozen do u mean under 0.04%? i was just stating that i was not having a problem? what is it the law that now i cant say im having problems. Wait should i say YES IM HAVING PROBLEMS FUK PS4? is that bettER

criticalkare1766d ago

Mine froze while updating too... didn't bother with it again

prodg521766d ago

Same here. It froze while downloading the update. Not knowing, I exited to the home screen and everything froze. I did a hard reset. I'll wait a few days for hopefully an update before I try it again.

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