Destructoid: Need For Speed: Rivals Review

[PS4 version reviewed] Like any good racer, the Need for Speed franchise never stops moving. They've come a long way since the early '90s, though the last few years' releases have been more about refinement of the formula than anything else, moving more towards an open world structure.

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ThatEnglishDude1796d ago

This game has really jumped on my radar as of late. It seems to be doing rather well among the critics and comes across as a really solid title!

first1NFANTRY1796d ago

the power rangers called, they want the green member back lol jks.

Enemy1796d ago

No weather, no day/night transition, no dynamic lighting, no dynamic skies, static environments. Best of the best!

Snookies121796d ago

Sorry, but no. I love the Forza franchise, but they're slacking on 5. Anyone could tell that. Cars look amazing on there, but that's ALL they focused on. It's disappointing frankly. I'll still give it a go, but I can almost guarantee I won't be impressed by car visuals alone. If we're talking next-gen console racers, Driveclub looks miles ahead of Forza at this point.

Masterchief_KOK1796d ago

still better looking then knack hater is gonna hate

Snookies121796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

@Masterchief_KOK - What does Knack have to do with anything? We were talking about racers, weren't we? Knack looks like a fun little game, but I certainly wouldn't pay anywhere near full price for it. Who cares though, it's just another game out there for people to choose from. More choices cannot be a bad thing.

strigoi8141796d ago

Horizon simply dump this game with number of cars and map..forza 5 is so incomplete for a $60 game

kratos_TheGoat1796d ago

horizon is fun but judging forza 5 without playing it smh forza 5 will be amazing tell me which forza series is wack?

Masterchief_KOK1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

he is a sony fanboy undercover he know turn 10 has never made a wack forza game before

strigoi8141796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

but for sure you can judge a game if they announced Some maps and cars will be DLC first before releasing..

and for you Masterchief, you are calling me fanboy where you comment a stupid Forza5 is better on a NFS review..who is showing fanboyism here on the first place?? then dragging Knack?? wow thats too low being a very buthurt fanboy

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Retroman1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

as a looooooong time NFS fan Rival is absolutely nothing like good ole days of BLACKBOX STUDIO Hotpursuit 2 and Underground days those 2 were NFS all about. now we have criterions mock-ups and ghost games wanna-be. what made CURRENT NFS un-desirable AGAIN is the auto-log and all-drive, open world driving. i wish they would bring back circuit tracks,tournaments,head to head 2 player racing,
the problem with GHOST games version (after going back over my first 7 ps1 NFS games) they combined them all in one game HIGH STATES,HOTPURSUIT,MOSTWANTED. it would been great if they let the race end at a finishline instead of continuous racing track down the next race in the next county. why do we need to drive all over the county looking for a race hub?? it should be simple and easy win the race at the finishline and select another race you want to jump in not continuous driving until cop spot you or follow a AI car to next event then lose him thinking he's behind you and the car turn a corner you was not expecting you lost sight of him and lost the race. that is NOT!! nfs.

uwazir1796d ago

Its really annoys me that pretty much no racing games nowadays have split screen multi-player, which is where it is most fun to play. most irritating thing in the world when friends are over and you cant play.

MilkMan1796d ago

Sorry bro, don't care for multiplayer/single player "mash-up experience" I like my arcade racers old fashioned like. Hard hitting, NOT open world, I like to car kits and customization and I want to be able to control the destruction myself with triggers or ramming. Ever since Paradise City devs have been trying this marriage and its a total abortion.
Wake me up when Split Second 2 or Blur part 2 comes out. Or when Criterion comes off punishment and a a real Burnout get released and we can put all this bullshit behind us.