PS4 Remote Play Fix

Pete Dodd "So the PS4 launch has had its fair share of problems so far this weekend and thankfully I’ve avoided most of them.  I have, however, had trouble with remote play. This problem doesn’t seem particularly wide-spread but there are a couple of people in my twitter feed that have the issue as well and after some tinkering and brainstorming I think I finally found the culprit."

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prodg521793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Remote play works great! I just discovered that you can run the VUDU app through remote play. I can now watch all of my Ultra Violet movies on my Vita!!

Edit: Hulu Plus works as well. It says it's blocked at first, but if you let it run it will work!!

solidt121793d ago

I been using remote play and it works perfectly. I have a Wii U and it has way better range that the Wii U controller. I can't even use the Wii U controller upstairs but can take the PS Vita anywhere in the house with remote play.

Baylex1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Nice!! Its good to know that! Thanks for the info. Bubble Up to you sir!

MasterChief36241793d ago

Considering Remote Play is not a necessary feature in games or apps, don't let Vudu know about this, or they will definitely remove it :(

Sniperwithacause1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I know I'm nit picking, but the one thing that I need to get use to is playing ghost on my 51 inch down to the vita screen. So hard to see the enemies.

MatrixxGT1793d ago

The screen actually looks really nice. Way beret than any of these videos. However its the analog sticks that have me on a learning curve. Im playing BF4 tho.

dcj05241793d ago

I play Killzone Mercanary frequentlyon the vita so aiming is easy for me. Practice make perfect. Just go to the test range and practice aiming.

0ut1awed1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I also played the crap out of KZ Mercenary. I platinumed the game.

Still it's pretty hard for me to play games like BF4 via remote play, especially competitively.

I've been more of a PC gamer these past few years so playing FPS games on analog sticks in general kind of drive me crazy anyways. :P

SonyStyled1793d ago

when i first got my vita i noticed it had a different joystick feel but you get used to it and adapt to it. sometimes i find myself slightly needing to re-adapt to the dualshock 3 :P

tubers1793d ago

It's also the screen resolution.

Your losing pixels from 1080p (Full HD) to 544p (quarter HD) final render on VITA's screen. Distant enemies can be harder to discern.

The tiny screen doesn't really help either specially if your eyes aren't used to the proximity.

Prime1571792d ago

True. But I've used the feature quite a lot. I really like the feature, but for only certain games... And non competitive. I finished contrast purely via remote play, as an example.

_FantasmA_1793d ago

I actually lost my HDMI signal after I tried remote play. I was doing remote play but I decided to turn off my TV and just use my Vita. But couldn't get the signal back on my TV after I turned it back on. I though my PS4 was gone, but I switched out the HDMI cable and I'm scared to try remote play again or even trying my PS4 on another TV.

Xer0_SiN1793d ago

ilove remote play! i couldnt really get it to work on my ps3, but with the ps4 it works flawless. i womder if i set up a pseye if i could get remote surveillance >=).

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