Making Connections With PS4

Omnigamer writes, "What is that exactly, you ask? Much like how games release a standalone companion app, the PlayStation App allows a player to use their tablet or smartphone to connect to their PS4 device. You can turn your PS4 on or off using either an Android or iOS device."

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DivineAssault 1854d ago

I downloaded it & i think its a really awesome feature for PS4.. I send my friends messages, view my trophies, & keep my eye on the store from anywhere.. 2nd screen function is awesome for ppl who dont want a vita as well... Sony hit a home run here & im sure theyre going to crush M$ this time around..

I have to give M$ credit w the 360 cuz they had it made to do so many things media wise that PS3 seemed lightyears behind on.. They managed to hang in there but if it werent for M$, consoles might not have had all these cool functions & PS4 might not have been this awesome.. The big 3 need each other to thrive & be the best they can be.. Nintendo wii u is the only reason 2nd screen gaming is even being made outside nintendo..

Im a sony fan all the way.. Always have been, & always will be with nintendo being 2nd fav.. M$ has no identity to me other than "media device".. Not many exclusive 1st party games i care for & theyre money hungry but they made smartglass so sony had to answer that with even more ways to do things