'Mighty No. 9' Creator: Kickstarter Creates Interest, Not Necessarily Cash

8CN: Recently Keiji Inafune, creator of Mighty No.9, was asked about the Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming sidescroller. Inafune discussed how the money pledged is spent and why Kickstarter was a way to create interest for the game as opposed to a money generator.

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Parapraxis1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Really looking forward to M#9 :)

_QQ_1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I know people love to spit the whole, "these corps don't care about you" talk and sure Mattrick,Iwata/reggie,Yoshida/ trentton are all about the Money, but My ass inafune,miyamoto,Naughty dog,Anouma, Blizzard,monolith, leviene,kojima,retro,MM and all other great studios do it for the money, They care about giving us the best experience possible, maybe its selfish too sometimes like kojima swaping hayter,but not because money but for what they believe would make an amazing experience.

Hopefully Mighty No.9 does well for inafune, the man deserves it.

WeAreLegion1484d ago

I'm gonna go ahead and tell you... Yoshida and Tretton are both major gamers. Tretton absolutely HATES being a "suit". He'd rather just talk to people like a normal person. Seriously. At the GameStop conference, he was the only speaker who went out and played the games with everyone and chatted. One of the nicest guys.

Chaos_Raiden1487d ago

Day one buy on my PS3 when it is released.

-Gespenst-1484d ago

I suppose it doesn't necessarily generate cash, but can Inafune really complain? He got 4 million out of it, he hasn't really got a right to be whinging. It also sets a bad precedent when big names in the industry start hijacking services like kickstarter. How many little start-up indie developers get completely ignored? THEY'RE the people who don't get a lot of cash out of kickstarter, not people like Inafune. People will chip in because it's Inafune, not because the game necessarily promises to be good. Smaller start-ups, well, they have to start from the beginning. Instead, they're getting eclipsed by veterans who've already had their time. Kickstarter shouldn't be for people with loads of credentials.