How to upload Playstation 4 videos to Youtube.

Now that we've had a few days to enjoy the new Playstation 4, it is time to start sharing all of your best gaming moments with your friends. As of now, we can only upload our videos to Facebook, but I found a way to get around that, and share your gameplay videos on Youtube.

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isa_scout1854d ago

Thanks for the info, but I'll just wait till Sony brings out an update to add vids to youtube. As it stands now it is much easier to just add vids to my facebook page for friends to see,and it's super easy to use.
This is a bit too much work compared to how easy it is to just hit the share button.Dang these uploads are big though. Half a GB for a 4 minute vid of COD? Guess thats the price you pay for it being 1080p. Just beat KZSF and I gotta say this game is going to be a pain in the ass on

TheGOODKyle1854d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Agreed. Made a vid of it too.

Also, 500MB shouldn't take 4 minutes. Unless CoD Ghosts has some internal reason to make it that way. I'm uploading close to a GB and they're around 15 minutes.

EDIT: Just read the article and it has the same exact method (including website) as my vid >.>'

isa_scout1853d ago

Yeah, I exaggerated a bit... I just checked my upload and it was like 545MB for a 11 minute vid of COD.
My bandwith is crappy though. I only get 2.7MBps download and 325 upload so a half gig to a full gig take me upwards of 4 hours to upload so I have to be selective with what I
Just a quick question: How long does it take to upload the vid from facebook to youtube or does it take about the same amount of time? I'd hate to upload a vid to facebook then to youtube and it take me 6-8 hours.

KwietStorm1853d ago

The problem with that is only your friends see it, like you said. But YouTube is YouTube.

isa_scout1853d ago

True, I don't know who disagreed with
I'm hoping Sony gets a youtube app out in the next update, but thats probably wishful thinking.

SuperBlur1853d ago

seriously , i think youtube/google are just working on a newer / fresher and better app to integrate uploadings of said apps , managing your videos and what not.

it's next gen after all , should be basic features by now.

ThatEnglishDude1854d ago

A little off topic, but everytime I see the PGR thumbnail for any of their articles they post - I immediately think Project Gotham Racing. :P

ATiElite1853d ago

Me too!

I really like that title, not the game so much but just the title, it sounds really cool!

crazyclown1853d ago

I wouldnt be shocked if we get an update on Xbox1 launch day

DivineAssault 1853d ago

Nice tip.. I hope theres a way to easily do it through the system later on in a firmware update.. Sharing videos is already fun to do & doing it str8 to youtube will be awesome