The PS4 Can Execute Several Voice Commands Without The PS Eye

Several voice commands can be executed on the PS4 without the use of the PS Eye peripheral

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Bigpappy1856d ago

That headset make me LOL every time I see it. I would have to tape that in my ear. Could be very distracting if it starts to fall out.

On topic: Now how would it know who is speaking, if it isn't using the PS-eye sensors or mic's? I do like the idea still though as you don't have to worry as much about being heard by the system.

zeee1856d ago

Yeah, the mono headset doesn't fit my ears either. I hope Sony will let me use my Playstation Wireless Headset as soon as possible. I love that thing and planning to upgrade to the Pulse Elite edition.

thekhurg1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Yeah, the earbud won't stay in my ear for more than a few seconds. It's useless. I don't understand why Sony went with a "headset" configuration that's not universal. $10 of plastic and that could have been converted to a standard over-ear headset.

guitarded771856d ago

I plugged my Pulse Elite headset into the controller, and it works so far. Just used it for audio, haven't tested it for voice.

itBourne1856d ago

I do not think the mic will work for it. So lame... my controller headset jack is all messed up too = /, headset support should of been there from the start.

Pixel_Enemy1856d ago

The pulse elite works perfectly with the headphone jack. Mic an all. That's how I play, you can even set the PS4 to output all of the audio to the headset instead of just chat because they cover your whole ear.

I don't mind using the headphone cord to the Dualshock 4 but do look forward to the update that will allow it to go full wireless.

P0werVR1856d ago

another one of those patterns that Sony loves to follow, playing ketchup!

Prime1571856d ago

A lot off devices have random ear buds anymore, so it should be an easy fix for you at the right retailer.

Sorry bout your luck, though.

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SnotyTheRocket1856d ago

I'm Just using my Bose till i get a good headset

Dasteru1856d ago

Ack, Bose, that's a scary thought.

Dogswithguns1856d ago

I don't mind that kind of headset, cuz it's just for voice chat. and I use my surround sound for the big sound anyway.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1856d ago

Yea it's dumb. I use the vita buds. VR is pretty cool. But it is a lot faster to just press the home button lol.

LOGICWINS1856d ago

The only one that looks useful is the screenshot command. I can see that actually being quicker by voice than by hand.

LoTuZ1856d ago

Its doesnt know who is speaking. But then again, it was never meant to.

harrisk9541856d ago

It's funny, but it fits my ear perfectly and I always find ear buds so uncomfortable!!

Codeman4201856d ago

I just use my Astro A50s works for audio and chat with no wires.

On Topic: Kinda surprised me when i say that i could use voice without the Camera. Kinda nice tho i wont be using it that much

SilentNegotiator1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

I guess Sony didn't feel the need to pretend like their magic camera was the only way voice commands could be done. Unlike some other company might, along with the companies that they paid off to pretend was so with exclusivity.

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nero20821856d ago

and you don't have to pay extra 100$ for it? insane

gigoran1856d ago

5 people like microsoftck. but yeah, sony keeps coming up with ways to kick them between the legs hahaha

spoonard1856d ago

Why would the Eye be necessary for voice commands?? Unless... OMG!!! THE PS EYE CAN SEE THE SOUND WAVES IN THE AIR AS THEY COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!!!

EBTpickle1856d ago

There's a 4-channel microphone array in the PS Eye. I, and many others, didn't know that voice commands would be functional on PS4 without one. Surprised me a bit.

Toon_Link1856d ago

I've been using the voice commands and they work really well for me. Plus my kids get a major kick out of the whole process, they think the PS4 is magical. I can't wait till they make more commands it be nice to navigate music unlimited by just saying a band name or album title.

wsoutlaw871856d ago

that would be cool in game.

Bathyj1856d ago

Playroom must freak them out when those little guys go into the controller. I must admit, I had a chuckle at that.

Toon_Link1856d ago

Oh man they go nuts when they play playroom! The bots are hands down their favorite minigame. That app alone made it worth it as a dad to own the camera.

pacostacos1856d ago

very limited functionality though... the screenshot voice command is the best part!

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