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Submitted by EBTpickle 813d ago | news

The PS4 Can Execute Several Voice Commands Without The PS Eye

Several voice commands can be executed on the PS4 without the use of the PS Eye peripheral (PS4)

Bigpappy  +   813d ago
That headset make me LOL every time I see it. I would have to tape that in my ear. Could be very distracting if it starts to fall out.

On topic: Now how would it know who is speaking, if it isn't using the PS-eye sensors or mic's? I do like the idea still though as you don't have to worry as much about being heard by the system.
zeee  +   813d ago
Yeah, the mono headset doesn't fit my ears either. I hope Sony will let me use my Playstation Wireless Headset as soon as possible. I love that thing and planning to upgrade to the Pulse Elite edition.
thekhurg  +   813d ago
Yeah, the earbud won't stay in my ear for more than a few seconds. It's useless. I don't understand why Sony went with a "headset" configuration that's not universal. $10 of plastic and that could have been converted to a standard over-ear headset.
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guitarded77  +   813d ago
I plugged my Pulse Elite headset into the controller, and it works so far. Just used it for audio, haven't tested it for voice.
itBourne  +   813d ago
I do not think the mic will work for it. So lame... my controller headset jack is all messed up too = /, headset support should of been there from the start.
Pixel_Enemy  +   813d ago
The pulse elite works perfectly with the headphone jack. Mic an all. That's how I play, you can even set the PS4 to output all of the audio to the headset instead of just chat because they cover your whole ear.

I don't mind using the headphone cord to the Dualshock 4 but do look forward to the update that will allow it to go full wireless.
P0werVR  +   813d ago
another one of those patterns that Sony loves to follow, playing ketchup!
Prime157  +   813d ago
A lot off devices have random ear buds anymore, so it should be an easy fix for you at the right retailer.

Sorry bout your luck, though.
SnotyTheRocket  +   813d ago
I'm Just using my Bose till i get a good headset
Dasteru  +   813d ago
Ack, Bose, that's a scary thought.
Dogswithguns  +   813d ago
I don't mind that kind of headset, cuz it's just for voice chat. and I use my surround sound for the big sound anyway.
Yea it's dumb. I use the vita buds. VR is pretty cool. But it is a lot faster to just press the home button lol.
LOGICWINS  +   813d ago
The only one that looks useful is the screenshot command. I can see that actually being quicker by voice than by hand.
LoTuZ  +   813d ago
Its doesnt know who is speaking. But then again, it was never meant to.
harrisk954  +   813d ago
It's funny, but it fits my ear perfectly and I always find ear buds so uncomfortable!!
Codeman420  +   813d ago
I just use my Astro A50s works for audio and chat with no wires.

On Topic: Kinda surprised me when i say that i could use voice without the Camera. Kinda nice tho i wont be using it that much
SilentNegotiator  +   813d ago
I guess Sony didn't feel the need to pretend like their magic camera was the only way voice commands could be done. Unlike some other company might, along with the companies that they paid off to pretend was so with exclusivity.
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nero2082  +   813d ago
and you don't have to pay extra 100$ for it? insane
gigoran  +   813d ago
5 people like microsoftck. but yeah, sony keeps coming up with ways to kick them between the legs hahaha
spoonard  +   813d ago
Why would the Eye be necessary for voice commands?? Unless... OMG!!! THE PS EYE CAN SEE THE SOUND WAVES IN THE AIR AS THEY COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!!!
EBTpickle  +   813d ago
There's a 4-channel microphone array in the PS Eye. I, and many others, didn't know that voice commands would be functional on PS4 without one. Surprised me a bit.
Toon_Link  +   813d ago
I've been using the voice commands and they work really well for me. Plus my kids get a major kick out of the whole process, they think the PS4 is magical. I can't wait till they make more commands it be nice to navigate music unlimited by just saying a band name or album title.
wsoutlaw87  +   813d ago
that would be cool in game.
Bathyj  +   813d ago
Playroom must freak them out when those little guys go into the controller. I must admit, I had a chuckle at that.
Toon_Link  +   813d ago
Oh man they go nuts when they play playroom! The bots are hands down their favorite minigame. That app alone made it worth it as a dad to own the camera.
pacostacos  +   813d ago
very limited functionality though... the screenshot voice command is the best part!
Rockefellow  +   813d ago
Who thought the voice commands wouldn't work with the plain old mic that's included with the system? This isn't news by any means, especially the "user discovered" voice prompts are detailed on the console itself.

I'll be interested in this when they update the recognition software, by any means. They should have waited to launch voice commands until it was more robust-- at this point, you can barely do anything with it. I can't even open applications, follow simple commands in-game or in apps, etc.

Of course, voice command isn't necessary at all, don't get me wrong-- but if you're going to tout it as a feature, bring your A-Game, Sony. I'm not asking for Sony Kinect (Oh, God no), but I'd appreciate better functionality.

...and after that rant, I'll get back to Shadow Fall ;)
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IIXIXI  +   813d ago
Is that headset durable? It feels like it'll tear up easily.
Rockefellow  +   813d ago
I wouldn't call it a piece of trash like others have, but it certainly isn't made of the highest quality materials. That said, if gamers treat it nicely, there's no reason it won't hold up for them, should they forego a more expensive headset. I've heard several people using it over streams, and it sounds just fine.
Fixay  +   813d ago
I agree the headset does actually sound pretty good.
Hicken  +   813d ago
How durable does it need to be? What are you planning on doing with it, besides sticking it in your ear? What does your ear do to headsets?
IIXIXI  +   813d ago
They get accidentally pulled. I don't want it to rip on the first or several pulls.
Masterchief_KOK  +   813d ago
the headphone is cheap used the 720p camera is better
Ozmoses  +   813d ago
I got my Tritton 720 hooked up through the optical port and everything works fine... I got the other usb cable that connects to the Tritton amp in the free port up front.

Sound work/Voice works.... only thing I've noticed is that the sound still comes out through the HDMI, even when digital optical is selected as the main output....

instead of muting the TV and having that symbol float around, I just turn it all the way down.
iiwii  +   813d ago
I recall something similar to that on the PS3, but it seems like there was another setting that allowed multiple sound out devices or just the selected one.
Ozmoses  +   813d ago
yeah on PS3.. you can select multiple options on/off..

the way I want it is if im using the headphones than no sound through the tv...

but, it isn't that big of a deal.. I just turn down the tv.
Dlacy13g  +   813d ago
Putting a headset on means you have a controller in hand which ultimately defeats the usefulness of voice commands imo. To me voice is especially useful when you don't have a controller in hand and are saving sometime by calling out a command without seeking a controller. Like saying to the console "play xyz game" as you go and fix a drink. Game starts up and when you get back with the drink you are good to go.
rainslacker  +   813d ago
You can do that with the PS Camera. It works alright, nothing spectacular. The novelty wears off real quick though. I did find it useful last night while watching Netflix in bed and dropped the controller on the floor, and while being lazy I could just turn off the system and go to bed.
christrules0041  +   813d ago
If you can take a screenshot can you start recording using voice controls I wonder
WeAreLegion  +   813d ago
Any headphones compatible with Android/iPhone will work fine for both audio and chat. I'm using a very comfortable $30 Sony set. I use my REALLY nice headphones if I'm just doing game audio though. The surround sound on Killzone is incredible.
ipach  +   813d ago
Absolutely love the simplicity of it. There are soooo many nice headphones out there with mics that will work with the console now. Gaming headsets have their place but its nice to be able to grab any headphones lying around be able to game and broadcast and chat just like that. The port also sounds a lot better than expected given the potential bluetooth compression. Really loving this console so far.
SuperBlur  +   813d ago
receiving my ps4 tomorrow (hopefully). i can use my never used before samsung s3 headphones to do both talk and listen to game audio ? didn't know that !

how long does the battery in a ds4 last between mic vs no mic
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zeee  +   812d ago
hahaha... I did exactly the same!!!
My_precious  +   813d ago
this might become useful when i want to pick the game from library of dozen games i have, but otherwise i prefer button and stick over it
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DivineAssault  +   813d ago
Nice! i bought the camera because it want this system & all of its intended features but thats pretty awesome they programmed it to operate off headphones too... PS4 is the greatest console ever made period.. xb has their work cut out for em the rest of the gen.. Cant wait for infamous, destiny, & diablo to release! Until then, i have KZ, BF4, AC4, resogun, contrast, & DCUO to play.. Theres a couple other free ps plus games but i havent downloaded em yet.. I have enough shooters for a long time.. My least favorite genre but i still enjoy playing them from time to time.. BF4 looks/plays FN GREAT compared to last gen
TRGMatt  +   813d ago
Boy if Sony develops this voice commands concept, there is a lot of potential here. Especially since they can kind of sit and watch what Microsoft is doing with box One and sort of just follow suit and they can both make strides to one up each other. If both can use their cameras' mics AND a headset/earpiece mic for voice commands, we might see this technology evolve rather quickly in the coming years. At the very least, I'll bet voice commands become a gold standard no matter which DEVICE you use at home. Kudos to both companies for pioneering this. Or at least popularizing it.
LordHumungous66  +   809d ago
Just so you guys know it is not necessary to use the headset that comes with the ps4. Or wait for a new style headset. You have 2 other options, you can log onto turtle beach and order a 7 dollar cable that will allow users to use most headsets with a Xbox jack. Or you can go buy ANY type of headset designed for phones with a mic & a 3.5 mm jack. I.e. Skull candy,Sony, etc.

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