This year you can play a proper Call of Duty on your PS Vita(videos)

Remember last year's Call of duty declassified on the PS Vita?Probably not,because it was horrible!This year Activision haven't released a native COD game on the PS Vita but remote play is the answer for cod fans....

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TimeSkipLuffy1827d ago

I'd rather want an independent CoD title which is not medicore or bad...

tubers1827d ago

LOL publisher meeting:

"Let's just make PS4 games accessible for RP. Forget about VITA exclusive titles!"


:( VITA am cry
/ \

CocoWolfie1827d ago

dont worry :) the more vitas out in the wild the more support theyll get, weather its another killzone mercenary or a brand new shooter entirely , i doubt support will drop, i can only see it increase

etownone1827d ago

Just amazing the remote play feature.

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The story is too old to be commented.