Talking Point: Are You a Fan of the PS4's Social Features?

Push Square: "Game sharing is nothing new. While it’s never been this particular author’s cup of tea, numerous YouTube personalities have made a living out of uploading commentated footage of games, and the rise of social streaming services such as Twitch and Ustream have only increased the prestige of these online pundits. On the PlayStation 3, you’d need special equipment to engage in this practice – but Sony’s vision of a social system means that the PlayStation 4 is built to share out of the box. The big question is: do you intend to do so?"

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Mikelarry1793d ago

its a feature you don't have to use, me personally I will use it as gaming has evolved from just experiencing on your own to an experience you can share with other like minded gamers around the globe.The social tools both next gen consoles have implemented into their system just makes it easier to share that experience.

JoGam1793d ago

I really enjoy the social features. Some of my friends on PS4 are my real life friends. So it's cool to see what their up to.

LOGICWINS1793d ago

Nope. I like that people have that option though.

NateCole1793d ago

Yeah same here. Nice option like cross game chat for those that want it but personally they dont matter much to me.

Omar911793d ago

I think once we are able to send our videos to youtube I'll be more interested in sharing my videos. Right now I don't want to spam everyones new feed with videos of me playing games.

Omegasyde1793d ago

It's nifty. I would of preferred that taking control over a game be the next innovation.