Army of Darkness Defense Review by Gaming on Android

Triverse writes, "Army of Darkness, the movie, is one of those guilty pleasures that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetimes. The movie has it all, gore, action, comedy, adventure and the man, Bruce Campbell. The game features a caricature of Bruce and some of the background players from the movie put in the foreground now. Game play wise this is a defense game through and through, not a bad thing, but not much more."

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NukaCola1823d ago

I played this on a flight overseas. It's a good defense game. Not too difficult and fun for the time I playes it. Didn't play it after I beat it. Love the movie and enjoyed the game.

Note: if you ever pick up an old copy of Evil Dead Regeneration, play it. It's one of my favorite games of the Xbox/PS2 generation. And a really good movie IP title with a ton of humor.