On porting AAA-games to Wii U; Interview with Aussie studio, Straight Right

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Of all the third party developers working on the Nintendo Wii U, there is one that stands out as going out of its way to take the unique features of the console; the Australian porting house, Straight Right."

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KrisButtar1830d ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an awesome game no matter what you play it on

lilbroRx1829d ago

Would be even more awesome if they priced it according to it age or at least made it the same price on all platforms.

It certainly would have sold a lot more on the Wii U if they had priced it the same as all of the other versions.

KrisButtar1829d ago

I can see why they priced it differently for the simple fact that they didn't have to spend nearly as much time on the other versions compared to the WiiU version. The other versions already had the basic game developed where as the WiiU had to be started from scratch.

More work went into the WiiU version, so the WiiU version cost more, is how publishers see it.

Similar thing I think happened with the Mass Effect deal, the 3 games were already made on the other systems so its just a repackaging thing with minor touch ups. The WiiU version would have been like porting 3 games from the ground up which would have cost to much and settled with just porting 1 game. Just my thoughts on how those worked out.

Its to bad really. I felt burned after I bought a Wii, so I'm not going to dive right into a WiiU without seeing the benefits and if future titles continue to play out, with Nintendo getting the short end of the stick, I can wait until some price drops

MattS1829d ago

So, according to you, the quality of a game is in part based on its price? You would actually have more fun playing the game if it was cheaper?

What a load of nonsense. The amount of fun you have with a game has nothing to do with its price. Whether you buy it or not is in part dependent on price, of course, but not whether it's an enjoyable game or not.

lilbroRx1827d ago

No, MattS. That is 0% what I was saying in anyway form or fashion.

AlexFili1830d ago

They're making a fortune by doing these ports, same with Treyarch. All the hard work is already done, they just have to take their time and polish it up. Thumbs up.

MattS1829d ago

As far as I can tell Straight Right doesn't release its financial results - it's not a public company.

So how do you come to the conclusion that it's "making a fortune?" Do you work there? Do you have inside access?

Or are you just making an assumption?

AlexFili1829d ago

Nobody works for free. Someone must be getting paid or they simply wouldn't be porting these games. It's obviously profitable enough to fund additional games and they're getting high Metacritic scores, look at Deus Ex Human Revolution on Wii U

clouds51830d ago

I'm gonna buy deus ex on WiiU. I tried it when it first came out on PC but didn't like it for some reason. But i'll give it another shot on WiiU.