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Apple has reportedly acquired PrimeSense, an Israeli fabless semiconductor company, for $345 million. Israeli newspaper Calcalist claims Apple has finalized the acquisition, with plans for an announcement within the next two weeks. Primesense worked with Microsoft to include its technology, chips, and designs inside the first Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360, but Microsoft opted to build its latest Xbox One Kinect sensor without Primesense’s help. Microsoft’s changes led Primesense to focus on retail, robotics, and healthcare industries, alongside gaming and living room tech.

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MorePowerOfGreen1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Looks like no one wants to be left in the dust with this revolutionary future tech assuming this is true.

Septic1705d ago

Lol revolutionary is a bit much.

Anyway, PrimeSense and Apple collaborating together....*shivers* Most evil collaboration since these guys:

Blackdeath_6631705d ago

no apple sees the potential and wants to use it for a purpose the kinect is actually GOOD at of which gaming is not.why the hell MS is suing the kinect for games is beyond me out of all the possible applications for kinect gaming is the bottom of the list if you look at all the things kinect is good at none of it has to do with gaming

P0werVR1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )


Not for gaming, but revolutionary in general. The technology in the Kinect is revolutionary and there is no denying that. It will be an innovation in comparison to some sci-fi movies utilizing the exact features with it's precision voice recognition and sensors.

But this is ONLY the beginning, and expecting some first party studio games making great use of it and some very interesting games. Look at Zoo Tycoon or Kinect sports. I hear elementary schools will be utilizing this.

Drekken1705d ago

Come on... This is funny. Link us to the rest of your stand up routine!

3-4-51705d ago

Are they buying them out to shut down that feature for xb1, therefore making it impossible for Microsoft to use that feature or part in newer models of the xb1?

rdgneoz31705d ago

"but Microsoft opted to build its latest Xbox One Kinect sensor without Primesense’s help"

They'll get any royalties that Primesense gets from 360 kinects sold, but they have nothing to gain from the xbox one.

nukeitall1705d ago

The technology that Ms uses for Kinect One is based on a completely different technology than what PrimeSense uses.

PrimeSense seems to only have been a quick way to get the original Kinect out. Kinect One is far more advanced, and has taken years of research to get it where it is today.

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blackout1706d ago

If Microsoft thought it was worth buying then they would have bought them. Kinect 2 is a monster. Apple is late to this party. They better come up with something fast.

tkato1706d ago

Microsoft did use their service which IS a statement for their worth, Apple is probably cooking something..

Bigpappy1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I agree. PrimeSense tried to work with Asus and I believe, at least one other tech company, to try and release a competing product. Apple is on a whole other level though. They have great R&D, and deep pockets. They can give M$ a run for their money. Would take some time though. This new Kinect is a completely different beast.

mcstorm1705d ago

I have to disagree about the apple R&D side they spend less and produces less than Microsoft and Google in there R&D.

That said though should be interesting to see what Apple come up with as Kinect 2 look like it could be even a step above what was shown with project Natal.

MajorAly1705d ago

What if Apple is buying Xbox division from Microsoft?

JohnnyTower1705d ago

Then they will jack the price and paint it white. Don't forget the Microtransactions....

Mystogan1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

They acquired a similar company which is Israeli based. Its called 3DV Systems

The Time of Flight technology in Kinect 2 comes from them. They had the superior technology so Microsoft decided to get them instead of primesense.

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Evil_Abed1706d ago

I smell a lawsuit coming. Patent infringement, Apple is going to claim that Kinect 2 USS some patent that primesense owns or something. Google/Motorola all over again.

Bigpappy1706d ago

Actually, M$ bought the original 3D motion cam creator (3D-Z). PrimeSense did make the main chip in the first Kinect though. But I don't know that they own many patents.

tkato1706d ago

What MS bought from them and what the kineckt is now are totally different things.

aviator1891706d ago

Even if primesense had any patents worth using and apple did buy them, microsoft and apple both have a long-term patent-sharing agreement that allows each company to use each other's patents for a heavy, heavy discount or for free.

ElementX1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I can see it now.... the iConnect only $499.

kewlkat0071705d ago

Quick buy the domain name..

FrigidDARKNESS1706d ago

This is a very old article posted several months ago. Microsoft developed and patent their own tech. With Kinect 2.0

green1705d ago

The other article was posted when Apple where in talks to buy Primasense

And as i mentioned in that article "The chip in Kinect for the 360 was licenced from primasense but for Kinect 2, it was ditched and was completely designed and developed inhouse. The patents that both Kinect and Kinect 2 share were developed by 3DV systems which Microsoft acquired a few years back.

As a result, primasense does not receive any form payment for the technology used in Kinect 2 and if Apple acquired them neither will they.

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