5 Missing Features The PS4 Needs ASAP

Game Rant writes, "As we know from the critical responses and our own impressions and review of the PS4, the system is a strong gaming-focused console that's missing quite a few key features.

Many of the multimedia entertainment functions of the PS3 are inexplicably absent in its predecessor so we're going to take a look at five key features and functions that Sony needs to implement in the PS4 asap so it can earn the "next-gen" description."

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kiz26941854d ago

Haha they called Mark Cerny, Mike fail.

Failcube1854d ago

Great comment on the actual content and console. Troll.

Mikelarry1854d ago

@ fail

you fed the troll, lots more are gonna start popping up

kiz26941854d ago

Didnt mean to be a troll, just that they really cant be credited if they don't know who Mark Cerny by now. Evem my 14 year old brother knows who Mark Cerny is.

CryofSilence1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Great comment on the comment on the actual content and console. Troll. ;) Comment-ception!

OT: Most of the suggestions there are indeed necessary to urgent updates.

FamilyGuy1854d ago

"so it can earn the "next-gen" description.""

BS, multimedia has nothing to do "next gen gaming", those are added bonuses. We expect them, sure, but this is basically saying "the PS4 isn't next gen" without them and that's completely untrue.

Anyway, I'm waiting for these to come through update as well as I use them a lot on the PS3.

The Killer1854d ago

when they say ps4 needs 5 things ASAP, it sounds like ps4 sales are lacking.

i think it would be more correct to say 5 new things that will make ps4 better.

UltimateMaster1854d ago

So what?
How bout Gaikai? We all knew it is coming in 2014. That I look more forward to that MP3 or DNLA.
You can't expect all the features to be there on Day-1. Same goes for the Wii U when it first launch it needed a day-1 patch. Same goes for the lack of External HDD support on the Xbox 1.

I know a little something that's called, Patience.

DragonKnight1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Failcube, your article is terrible.

First of all, you jump on the MP3/DLNA bandwagon which tells us all we need to know about your article right away. Secondly, they aren't important enough to be labelled as "needed ASAP"

HDMI capturing is already confirmed to be coming in a patch, so that was irrelevant to put in. Plus, even if it weren't, how many people do you know that are serious about game capturing that they don't know all the HDCP workarounds?

Youtube also isn't important enough to be an ASAP needed feature. For one, there are ways to get your video on youtube anyway, and there's already Twitch and Ustream, plus the PSN sharing, so there are plenty of ways to share your video. We don't even know that Sony WON'T be bringing it.

And finally the interface. That part of your article needs to be removed. For one, Sony's interface has received a lot of praise, secondly that part is entirely subjective.

So yeah, poor article is poor. Sue Sony for focusing on games before fluff first.

ShinMaster1853d ago

MP3 playback and DLNA are on the way

You can get around HDMI capture:

Better interface?
F off


NegativeCreepWA1853d ago

My list would be different.

Blue tooth support for existing mics and other accessories.

Noise cancellation software built into the console software, those ear buds are horrible and I'm already tired of hearing everything in peoples backgrounds.

Change the store layout and get rid of the massive amount of PS+ adds, I'm already a subscriber no need to have in my face at every turn.

And a feature to mute the PS eye mic without having to plug another mic in.

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FamilyGuy1854d ago

They called Mark Cerny "Mike", fail.

You comment might have been easier to understand in this form. At first glance it looked like you were laughing because they called Mark Cerny "Mike Fail", as a derogatory name alteration. Might've gotten less disagrees had it been clear. My first thought was "How childish" till I realized what you meant.

That sites credit was already suspect from the article description, them not knowing Marks name just makes it worse.

Rockefellow1854d ago

Well, that's more along the lines of proper grammar than it is a simple question of "form." And if you expect N4G Users to give a damn about writing coherent statements, well, you're delusional.

I agree with your assertion, too. Even more laughable is the fact that half of their list has been confirmed to be coming in a patch; if I remember correctly, Shu even stated it'd be the second patch after launch.

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Mikelarry1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

from that list the only thing I personally want "asap" is dlna support as i don't uses any of the other features, as for the interface i cant really comment on that till i use it cant wait for the 29th.

MajorGecko1854d ago

none of the consoles have said whether they will support moving your OWN video files and mp3 files to the console, something is up here seems like we are getting 1 track machines

nevin11854d ago

Can someone list the list. I'm not going through pages.

mushroomwig1854d ago

Half of these have already been confirmed to be coming in an update down the road, and having a better UI is just an opinion.

MoonConquistador1854d ago

Post me a link. I've seen stories of Sony are listening to feedback and would consider it for future updates, but mp3/dnla/external HD support has not been confirmed for any future update

mushroomwig1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

'So as we speak, people in Japan - the system guys - are discussing when we can put these features in."'

The article here on N4G doesn't say anything about external HD support.

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