PlayStation 4: Sony Does Not Interfere In The Creative Process Of Indie-Financed Projects

In last few months, Sony repeatedly showing the close collaboration with the indie developers. By this and among with other things PS4 exclusive, ”Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture” will emerge from the ”Dear Esther”, creators of thechineseroom.

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Enemy1772d ago

Dear Esther is one of the best atmospheric indie games ever made. Can't wait for Everybody's Gone To The Rapture.

DigitalRaptor1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Dude, that is one of my most anticipated games alongside Rime, Soma, Velocity 2X and Transistor.

The trailer just kills me.

Edit: a link from TheChineseRoom's twitter account:

"Great to work with a publisher whose overwhelming concern is the quality of the game. They set a tough act to follow. Deeply impressed."

Enemy1772d ago

Tequila Works (developing Rime) gave them a +1 for that. All these indies coming together paying their respects.

dieforgame1772d ago

Thanks to this support, another point why Sony M $, just depends when it comes to exclusive titles, both in mass and in class.

PoSTedUP1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

exactly why hhour world elite is coming to the ps4 and will have no problems staying independent.

DigitalRaptor1772d ago

Looking forward to seeing what David Sears and his team create. That early SOCOM feel: recaptured, I hope.

PoSTedUP1772d ago

oh, we can bet our Lives on that. thats the reason he is making the game (for the fans) and to bring back Socom in all of its glory. i can tell by his inerviews he is sincere and everything he is saying sounds like everything a tru socomer wants (he IS the reason why I&II were so good, as well as his absence being why #3 wasent AS good, after all). i trust he is the Best man for the job, wait, no, i Know he is the best man for the job : ). HoO RaH! bro!

PoSTedUP1772d ago

me either! was the reason why i bought a ps2 (as well as GranTurismo). the reason why i bought a PS3 (also GT5). and will be getting a ps4 for Hhour World Elite, while enjoying GT6 on my PS3. : D

BABY-JEDI1772d ago

It's good thatSony doesn't interfere with people's greative process or vision unless they require help.

Veneno1772d ago

That's for damn sure. Go check out DiveKick. that game is so self absorbed in its own little clique it's obnoxious. But It's still wonderful that people can spout their ego on a mainstream platform like Playstation. They Just seriously.... serioulsly.....SERIOUSLY need to stop overpricing these games.

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