Microsoft Hires for Microsoft Studios: European Publishing, for AAA 3rd Party "Games as a Service"

Microsoft has been on a hiring spree lately, and the latest batch is about the newly formed Microsoft Studios: European Publishing, seeking a Creative Director, an Acquisition Producer and a Development Director.

The three career opportunity ads are actually quite rich in their descriptions of the purpose of the studio.

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ATiElite1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

All MS is gonna do is Buy a few small studios and their I.P.s and then close those studios and make a few bucks off the i.P.s. through License fees by way of F2P Generic titles that will hit mobile phones, Xboxlive, or whatever.

I'm sorry but Microsoft has yet to really show real effort into making great first party games like Sony does.

this move the week of the XB1 launch further proves MS is not serious about first party games because if they were this move would of been done a year or two ago with Top notch first party games ready to launch Holiday 2013 and 2014.

dasbeer881850d ago

What about Halo and Gears of War? Oh wait, those games have already been oversaturated...

Pogmathoin1850d ago

Yeah, all those sequels... thank goodness Naughty Dog are not like that... To be honest, maybe MS will surprise us all...

True_Samurai1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Yeah too many sequels from Sony and Ms

come_bom1850d ago

"Naughty Dog are not like that"

Uncharted 4.

AutoCad1850d ago

God of war uncharted killzone and gran turismo havent?

Godmars2901850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

"Yeah, all those sequels... thank goodness Naughty Dog are not like that... To be honest, maybe MS will surprise us all..."

Naughty Dog had enough room to make TLoU.

Bungie had to leave MS to make Destiny. Granted it more that just a new IP, does seem to copy a bit from Halo, but still.

redwin1850d ago

Well, what ever they do, I hope MS don't make games like killzone or knak.

ShinMaster1850d ago

@ come_bon

If you ignore The Last of Us, sure -_-

Prime1571850d ago

I think he means the studios not IPs. Ms never put a ring on studios just the ips. And again this year with titanfall and ryse.

That's the way I interpreted the original comment in this block.

UltimateMaster1850d ago

Each time Microsoft decides to open up a new studio, it's always for some AAA title.
But then they close it months or a few years later if they didn't get the sales they wanted.
Don't they know you can't have a AAA game right off the bat?

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notyobizhwispndmymny1850d ago

What the hell are you spouting? Enough with the crap like you have insider information. Google those positions and you will find out that if the aim was to just by up exclusives they wouldn't need a Creative Director and a Development Director. Yes they will buy some ips but they will also buy up small studios into the MS family. That's a very sound business model. Google does it, yahoo does it, facebook does it and Sony does it too. Do your research before you say No Sony doesn't do it. Do you think every first party studio were employees of Sony before they just miraculously got studios to start making games? Yes Sony has some studios with long term employees but they also have studios that they bought when said studios were small and brought them into the family. Its called expanding a business! No matter how much you want MS to fail, they won't and the reason they won't is because of people like you who throw critical thinking out of the window when you don't get your wish.

Godmars2901850d ago

Still, MS have yet to show that once they buy a small studio because of some IP they're working on they allow or foster creativity towards different tracks. If something works they only want more of the same, and if it doesn't the studio might get another chance, but more likely it'll get shut down.

nasnas761850d ago

@Godmars290 and because Microsoft is doing it it's evil? News flash; EVERY other entertainment company has been doing this the past 20+ years from games, TV, movies, music, etc etc. Fanboyism only hating because it's the other team is very tiring to read on an hourly basis...

Godmars2901850d ago

You're confusing evil with incompetence, or more accurately, non-interest.

Funantic11850d ago

MS acknowledges their way of doing things in the past. I think they'll work hard like their jobs are on the line.

malokevi1850d ago

Well that's all very depressing, but I'm still not sure what it has to do with Christmas?

stuna11850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Yeah Sony and "THEIR" studios make sequels! Key word being THEIR, most of Microsoft sequel are.......wait for it!!! Done by 2nd and 3rd party developers.

Before 343 took over Halo, Bungie made it, and although many would like to believe Bungie were 1st party actually they weren't, they were 2nd party!

Gear of War developers were not 1st party developers for Microsoft!

Fable developers were not first party developers for Microsoft!

Turn Ten studio developer of Forza although not sure entirely 1st party have their fair share of sequels.

Everything else has for the most part been done by 3rd party developers.

All console makers have developed Sequelitis" at some point, but at some point you have to realize when to switch up.

Mystogan1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I think Titanfall, Halo , ,Forza, Ryse, Killer Instinct and Quantum Break are pretty "Top Notch" for the first year of a new console.

Anyway this sounds like we're going to see a lot of Exclusive Free to Play titles. Which is good IMO.

everything has been going so well since Don Mattrick left. It looks like Xbox One will be both a great Gaming and Entertainment device.

joefrost001850d ago

Killzone sequel
Knack original
Driveclub original
Order 1886 original
Infamous SS sequel
Uncharted 4 sequel

Dead rising sequel
Killer instinct reboot
Ryse original
Quantum break original
Black tusk game original
Titanfall original
Halo 5 sequel
Crimson dragon original

Some AAA games that have been announced for both systems both have original and sequels
But this whole MS not putting in any effort to their first party
Come on

ATiElite1850d ago

OK now this is what I like

replying back with stone cold FACTS!

You got me on this one, MS does seem to have a nice hand of original i.p.s

swerve1211850d ago

I just think people are upset that the PS4 systems are having problems. Man enjoy the games. Good think the Sony is pushing M$ to make better first party games.

Prime1571850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Titanfall, dead rising, and ryse are not first party studios. You are missing a key part of the discussion.

Those are second party and falls more in line with his argument than your's.

This discussion isn't really about the ips, it's about the studios creating them and why ms never "puts a ring on Them" to make them first party.

joefrost001849d ago

lol are you kidding me
If it was a game on another system that you wanted to play but its never coming to your system would you care if its first or third party the point being you wont get to play it period

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Nocando1850d ago

This Target pop up is driving me bonkers. On topic, I hope this means more real exclusives.

LoveForGames1850d ago

Maybe the time has come they do invest in a very strong 1st party studio like Sony does.

GodGinrai1850d ago

Agreed. At the end of the day it is better than paying out for exclusives all the time, long term.

iamnsuperman1850d ago

It maybe cost effective in the long run to have your own studios produce exclusive ips but there is also a big risk in doing that.With buying third parties you can pick and choice and there is great chance of diversity but it does come at a price. I am more for in house studios but there is a risk doing so (if they fail they can fail hard and cost you a lot of money)

PixelNinja1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

They do have some strong first party stuidos, it is just a shame that they are franchise locked.
e.g. Liohead-Fable 343i-Halo (that is understandable though) and Turn10-Forza.

Hercules1891850d ago

I believe Black Tusk can become the next naughty dog and they do have plenty of other first party devs that havent even shown their new ips.

GodGinrai1850d ago

"They do have some strong first party stuidos"

I agree, I just think they need a few more that specialise in other genres. Maybe a couple RPG/platformer.centric teams.

It would be nice if rare was like "old" rare again. Making core games.

I would love to see them aquire a few small japanese devs like G.REV and treasure too.

GodGinrai1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

EDIT:double post. sorry!.

omi25p1850d ago

well they opened around 6 studios in 2011/2012. All 4 of which are aimed at core exclusives. I.E Black Tusk Studios.

HammerKong1850d ago

yeah a AAA exclusive title from black tusk and AAAA tilte from another studia ,quad-a it sonds very interesting i think this AAAA title can a openworld game because mooney involed in making it is very high and all are from 1st party studios.

RiPPn1850d ago

They better because they no longer have the best version of 3rd party games so they can't rely on those to carry them like they have the last 3 years.

HammerKong1850d ago

yeah budy they are investing last year like it only there was an news about ms is hiring a big producer for a Quad-A title yeah a "AAAA" which will probably be the most expensive game from ms on xb1 and the last year only they revaled there are 6 new studios formed by ms for making exclusives on xb and one of which got most famous was balck tusk which is revealed that it is making AAA exclusive fro xb1 but which studio is making quad-a title is not announced but maye be these studios will reveal their games at lauch day as rumored best part is that the devs of rockstar canada,ea canada and bioware canada devs are involved in it ,these studios were shut down and ms hired them and biggest part these devs were considred the best devs of ea and bioware and rockstar canda which developed bully and desv of ea canada were involved in making of mass effect games and dragon age games ,i think we will get to know the games from these studios and we must not for get the 393 studios ,ms is realy changing their thinking.

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jmc88881850d ago

Games as service... maybe an MMORPG or similar paid monthly game?

GusBricker1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I don't care if they're 1st, 2nd or 3rd party. I just want games. More the merrier.

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