PS4 vs Xbox One: Battle Of The Next-Gen Giants

The PS4 is now available in the US and coming to the UK on 29 November, while the Xbox One is a smidgeon away from launch too, on 22 November. The next-generation of console gaming has begun and it promises to be a doozy.

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decrypt1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Next gen Giants sounds kinda funny. Specially considering everyone knows these consoles were created to be as profitable as possible for the corporations, hence they really aren't as advanced as Xbox 360 or PS3 were for their time.

When the Xbox 360 launched it was as fast as any PC GPU out there. It took PC 6 months to overtake the Xbox 360, thats how advanced the Xbox 360 was. Infact it was the 8800GTX which truly over took the Xbox 360. By the time PS3 launched, 8800GTX was already out, hence PS3 could be considered mid range for its time frame (albeit it was within the same class of power as the 360).

The XBOne or the PS4 are by no means as advanced as the current gen was for its time. Specially the XBone which would equal an ultra low end PC gpu, PS4 would be anywhere between low end and mid range. Calling them giants is just funny, both of them are definitely a step back in terms of progression compared to their predecessors which truly were giants.