Some GTA Players have now received another GTA$ payout due to additional data loss

Due to another issue that caused players to lose vehicles and garages last week in GTA Online, Rockstar Games has now sent out a second wave of in-game cash deposits to cover the costs of the lost items. The developer announced the new deposits on Saturday in which players were notified that the affected parties should now have automatically received a deposit into their in-game bank accounts for an amount that reflects their individual property loss. This appears to be the first time that Rockstar Games has been able to trace a data loss issue and resolve it by a case by case basis on a large scale.

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Apex131792d ago

What exactly is the big deal, it's a game.

GadgetGooch1792d ago

You just dont get it man, GTA is the future :D

rdgneoz31792d ago

10 car garages cost 300, 000 to 400, 000 grand. Some of the high end cars are like 600k to a mill. Ligitimately making cash was nerfed (so they could sell cash cards) so it takes a while to get anything good.

Drabent1792d ago

Future? They got alot to add, there's nothing to do but get shot over and over by 14yrs currently><

porkChop1792d ago

Yeah the game needs a massive overhaul if Rockstar wants it to last. There isn't much fun stuff to do and they've nerfed money-making to the point where you either have to glitch or buy cash cards just to have the luxury of somewhat enjoying a game you paid $60 for.

boldscot1792d ago

They owe me 2.5 million based on the amount of characters I lost before they pulled their finger out and sorted the issue.

Audiggity1792d ago

Well, they are adding more to do and will likely address the "difficulty" of money-making (personally I don't think it's very tough... $100k legit in a 1-2 hour session is not too hard). Also, don't forget that there are large, currently dormant casinos - that would be a fun way to make some paper.

So.. that would address your concerns. Doesn't sound like a "massive overhaul" at all. In fact, I think all of this will be taken care of.

Audiggity1792d ago

We must be playing different games then! Or perhaps you spend too much time stalking 14 year olds?

The first round of DLC should* be hitting later this week. Chill.