PlayStation 4 Twitch Streaming Won’t Display Friend Requests Or Messages

In a clever bit of privacy ensuring foresight, PlayStation 4 friend requests and messages are blurred out while streaming online with Twitch.

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Snookies121771d ago

That's cool, too bad there's no way to just automatically have the messages/requests temporarily disabled while streaming though.

OrangePowerz1771d ago

Well you can disable the pop uos in the settings.

Snookies121771d ago

Yeah, but it would be cool if it would automatically do a temporary disable whenever you started up a stream. That way you wouldn't have to go and disable them every time you do one, and enable them after you're finished. For those that do a lot of streaming. :]

mattdillahunty1771d ago

how does the twitch on PS4 compare to the one on PC? can you sign in to your existing account, search for streams, view your subscribed streams, and so forth? basically, do you have the full functionality that the PC version does?

i ask this because i've tried to use twitch on my android phone and Xbox 360, and it's been a pile of crap on both. it had about 5% of the functionality that the full version does.

M-M1771d ago

I was wondering what that was lol. So if you don't want that black box appearing, can you disable the notifications in the settings menu?

Pascalini1771d ago

Wow greatness has arrived

OlgerO1771d ago

I hope your not buying a PS4 soon, I want to enjoy playing multiplayer with intelligent people.

Nekroo911771d ago

thank god you are an troll videos on xbox wouldnt be the same without people like you.

theFLeXy1771d ago

it doesnt show anything that comes from the system.....trophies, chat invites, any notifications at all that have come up on my screen have not shown up on my screen. glad they thought about that.

jwk941771d ago

Not true. When you log in with another controller, it shows the prompt which then shows your name.