Killzone: Shadow Fall review (HonestGamers)

Jason Venter writes: "It's easy to praise Killzone: Shadow Fall for being gorgeous, but you'll have to search a bit harder to find other things to love about it."

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Phene1854d ago

I love the barely one paragraph on mp which was more a description that a review. Weak.

abzdine1854d ago

reviewers are full of shit..
the guy didn't put his hand on multiplayer, maybe only Botzone like many did last week.

Blackdeath_6631854d ago

brought to you by the "Honest"

redwin1853d ago

I usually buy killzone thinking its gonna be better than the last one but always get disappointed . I'm not buying the one after this one, that's for sure.

CJDUNCAN1854d ago

6/10 is about what I'd give it.

+Gorgeous game
-Unnecessarily Difficult
-Standard fare for multiplayer.

It reminds me a lot of the crysis series. Pretty to look at but a snore-fest to play.

TheFanboySlayer1853d ago

I hear that the multiplayer is amazing!!! where did you hear it was standard??

CJDUNCAN1853d ago

I didn't hear it was standard fare, I actually played it and saw it for myself.

gobluesamg1853d ago

Don't get me wrong this game is by no means a masterpiece and the series leaves a bit to be desired. However, this game does exactly what it aims to do and looks amazing while doing it. A 6 is too low. C'mon these guys have to be more reasonable, and oh yeah try out the multiplayer 7.5 out of 10. PS4 is amazing.

mcstorm1853d ago

TBH if you look at the reviews of most fps games they are getting lower scores in general and I think that is because there is nothing new about them any more and people are getting bored of the same old fps.

Yes KZ is a good looking game so is bf but there is nothing much that sets them apart from the other fps games.

I'm kind of hoping fps sales start to slip now so developers have to come up with new ideas like titan fall etc.

I'm sure people are loving this game but for me at the moment fps games are not getting me excited even the next gen fps games and I don't think im alone with that and the reviews are also showing this of the new fps games.

Like I say nothing against kz, cod, bf etc just think we need to see something new.

IRON883 1853d ago

Wow this reviewer trolls way to much don't give em hits killzone is a great game

LiQuiZoN1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

This game is really incredible. One of the better shooters I've played in a long time. Smooth, Precise, and let me emphasize... EXCELLENT MAPS!! I have yet to play a map where I hate it.

Usually I hate 50% of the COD maps. Every map in the game is excellent! Two thumbs up! And we get FREE MAP DLC for the life of the product!!

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PoSTedUP1854d ago

they also gave cod ghosts a 6/10 (x360 version). Just Saying...
damn... cod ghosts is = to KZsf on a last gen system, loooool. ...Doubt IT!

MrChow6661854d ago

being on a next gen platform doenst make a game better

PoSTedUP1853d ago

only in a sense. in COD's case, being on a last gen system DID make the game worse. they completely limited the MP down to 6v6. but i guess that is all an opinion as well if you think down-grades are good (or prefer 6v6). but they are basically saying KZsf's 10-12 hour campaign is as bad as cod ghosts (pretty shoddy, from what everyone is saying) 3.5-4 hour campaign... while they barely reviewed the MP. horrible review imo, just because you have an opinion doesnt make it professional, which, is very common in this industry.

Kos-Mos1852d ago

With that comment you have debunked 99% of these small fanboys on N4G. Thank you :)

windblowsagain1854d ago

This is why you must never listen to reviews or metacritic.

Case in point movie wise.

I went to see Thor the darkworld with family and really enjoyed it.

Yet if you read the reviews, it gets slated.

Not every movie/game is supposed to be deep deep deep.

admiralvic1854d ago

Honestly, it seems like a lot of people view reviews the wrong way.

Reviews aren't suppose to make you want to buy or prevent you from buying something. They're suppose to be informative articles that give you unbias (in the sense that the company isn't the one saying it) opinions to give you an idea of what to expect. Like if you want a child friendly game and that is what Knack is and does well, then who cares what it scores. It meets exactly what you're looking for.

However, too many people seem to think that reviewers are these godly beings that have the right to dictate what items we should and should not buy regardless of what they say or why they say it.

WeAreLegion1853d ago

People also write reviews incorrectly.

admiralvic1853d ago

@ WeAreLegion

It is true that many people think a review is an expression of personal opinion, when in reality they're suppose to think of things in terms of the target market and rate it accordingly.

Like Knack might suck for the Killzone fan, but is awesome for the 8 year old. However, I didn't want to go on a long winded rant.

Pascalini1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Worst console launch ever

Metacritic has this around 70/100

So take away all the official Sony mags then you have to say 6/10 is about right for this game

Bring on titanfall

(Titanfall on pc? Enjoy on ms windows!) you can't escape ms if you want to play a great game like titanfall :-)

Allsystemgamer1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Yea bring on Titan fall. On my PC. Till then I'll have my ps4 games when I get one. ;)

Oh didn't you hear? MS is bringing it's core games to PC. So why would I get an Xbone?

svoulis1854d ago

Quickly everyone listen to Pascalini.

Worst console launch ever....sells 1 million in 2 days.

Worst console launch ever....reads user reviews and notices 8+ across the board

Worst console launch ever.... Bring on titanfa....oh wait that's not a console launch on XO

I really don't see why you only have one bubble. Blows my mind smartest gut on n4g.


scott1821854d ago

As long as I don't have to support the bone I will play it on windows. I actually love windows, I do like a lot of Microsoft products...

CGI-Quality1853d ago

It's a wonder you have just one bubble.

OT: 6/10 for this game is way too low for me. Then again, just his opinion.

BABY-JEDI1853d ago

My god, is all your family as hairy as you? OT. Yo obviously don't like Sony games. Good for U. But just think of all the great games your missing out on!

LiQuiZoN1853d ago

I really have to say something. Pascalini, the ps4 is really awesome and killzone is a GREAT FPS.

I highly recommend you try it. I feel bad that your perspective is skewed because I've been playing it hardcore and its really an amazing title.

Hope to see you try it.

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feraldrgn1854d ago

"honestgamers", what a joke.

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