Xbox One's New UI: An Overview

With the Xbox One releasing next week on November 22, it’s only fair to take a look at what software the console has to boot. The Xbox 360 released over eight years ago, so it’s safe to assume that gamers will be getting used to whatever UI Microsoft gives us. Gamers are in good hands. Microsoft’s newest console showcases a gamer-friendly UI built to play games in the most enjoyable way possible.

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Riderz13371792d ago

It's more similar to Windows 8, which I'm not really a fan of but oh well.

Bigpappy1792d ago

It looks silky smooth and has multiple ways to interact with it. Has features up the wazu. You can spend a whole day being entertained by just what is on offer on the X1 dash. You would be snapping, palming and chatting like there is no tomorrow.

JokesOnYou1792d ago

"The Xbox One’s UI is wholly impressive. Although it may be a bit square (those tiles are awkward to navigate at times), Kinect is smart enough to make your whole entertainment experience seem significantly more connected–more singular."

-4 Days and I get to try it all for myself.

HammadTheBeast1792d ago

@Big pappy

You seem excited.

kennyg37391792d ago

And how is that bad thing?

malokevi1792d ago

Similar to the 360 isn't a place, so I'm not sure how you're expecting to get there....!


GmIsOnPt3601792d ago

They all use tiles in some form including Sony and Ninetendo!

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staki1792d ago

Looking forward to it.

donnieboy1792d ago

Next gen dashboard ftw!!!!!!!!!

xxx1MOREKILLxxx1792d ago

This is smart, simple and will attract the entire household. MS knows what there doin trust me.

HammadTheBeast1792d ago

Just like Windows 8 and Bing right?

ShowGun9011792d ago

everyone in existence: WE HATE WINDOWS 8!

MS: lets make the xbone interface just like that!

just kidding, but really, who likes win8? that being said, it seems much better suited to a console than a pc. it said you can add or delete tiles, anyone know if that includes ads? or are there none? (can't be the case looking at the 360s newest iteration)

Software_Lover1792d ago

...... I love windows 8. I can get to everything, even my steam games easily. Hell, pin steam games to the start screen and they have live tile updates!!! I didn't know this until a few days ago.

I currently use my MSI s20 when traveling and at work. I have a few w8 marketplace apps and games and some of my non graphic heavy steam games on there and it works great. I'm actually typing on it now.

Once you learn the gestures (swipe right, swipe from the left ,swipe from the top) it's like second nature.

Mystogan1792d ago

Uhm noh, A lot of people like Windows 8, even more like it after Windows 8.1

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The story is too old to be commented.