Command & Conquer development to resume under new studio

Much to the dismay of anyone looking forward to the new Command & Conquer, the game was shelved by EA on 29 October but it looks like it's now being moved to a new studio and development will resume.

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Psychotica896d ago

Make it like the previous ones not some kind of F2P crap..

LostPotato896d ago

That is probably the plan as they stated a new studio would make the game now.

Anyway I agree that they should of stuck to the original plan before canning it, and making more F2P garbage.

ATiElite896d ago

will it still be using the Frostbite 3

will it be good like Tiberium Wars?

I hope so!

DeadlyFire895d ago

Frostbite 3 is a given. Since its still under EA I believe.

tanookisuit895d ago

For me, I hope they bring back PROPER base-building!

Raf1k1895d ago

Same here. It's not C&C if it doesn't have proper base building.

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