PlayStation 4′s Airflow Affected By Horizontal and Vertical Positioning

JPS Writes: "Whenever someone buys their new console like the PlayStation 4, many are wondering if there’s really a preferred way of positioning the console. Is horizontal, which is the default position, any better than standing it up vertically?

Just like the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, the recently released PlayStation 4 is designed to go both ways: horizontally and vertically. When it comes to deciding which one is the best, it really all comes down to your personal preference. However, there are pros and cons in each of the position that you need to worry about. The same rule still applies on the positioning just like on other consoles."

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AlexanderNevermind1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )


" There’s currently a design flaw on the PlayStation 4 right now. If you decide to put it in horizontal position, you will notice that it doesn’t stay flat enough on the table or on your entertainment set. "

Ok, I've had the system for 3 days now and it hasn't wobbled once. Seriously, who is pushing on the top of their PS4 to make it wobble? Or better yet show me some footage of it wobbling without someone pushing on top of it.

Stsonic1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Well said.

HammadTheBeast1855d ago

Not sure how you'd make it wobble...

I think you'd have to press pretty hard to make it wobble, it's the slightest design flaw.

IRNMUNKEY1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Hmm if horizontal not recommended then it should come with the stand. Think you're getting yourself confused.

Only thing I've heard is that Xbox One is only horizontal.

Edit: comment I replied to was deleted! Someone said Sony had stated that horizontal wasn't recommended

xHeavYx1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Wait, what? You are not supposed to press down the side of the console down while you play? I've been doing it since the PSX! /s

cr33ping_death1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

What! It wobbles!? Now i want my money back... My PS4 plays my games just fine....but if my console wobbles.....well thats a deal breaker now isnt it. Seriously? so nitpicking has come down to wobbling? Lol.

imt5581855d ago

I expect more anti PS4 news. Let's see.... Another news : Blu-ray won't come out

I knew that will be bunch of news which described faulty PS4 console after PS4 launch

HAC5221855d ago

agreed, but i just keep thinkin, whose idea was it to put one set of pads on the edge, and the other set in the middle/3/4 mark? i just dont understand, this never should have been an "issue" to begin with

kneon1855d ago


It's obviously a deliberate design decision and not a design flaw. By having the HDD cantilevered out from the rest of the console it will help to dampen vibrations.

ZBlacktt1855d ago

LOL, I know... what is up with these Internet screen name stories. Do they not realize over 1 million people have these very same consoles? I've put 30 hours into AC4 in the very short time I've had the system. In other words, not a single issues in performance.

I lay the machine horizontal btw. With out the stand it's not worth the risk of anything happening. Since the console is SO slim ( Damn nice ).

dkgshiz1855d ago

Yep, its all just hog wash. Then there was that really fake rumor about the dualshock 4's analog sticks rubber ripping apart after a week. Its all malarkey and BS. I have my PS4 horizontal right now and no matter how hard I try I can't wobble it. Most likely someone put a tiny pebble or something underneath it and posted a a crap video about how it wobbles.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1855d ago

mine doesn't wobble at all. only when you push it down on one side which i don't do… so it doesn't wobble.

Who1855d ago

Unless you're sitting on your PS4, this is not an issue.

nirwanda1855d ago

Av magazines usually recommend blutack to stop any movement and vibration, it may help with disk read speeds too and help the hdd.

Soldierone1855d ago

You have to press hard on the back corner to make it wobble. it was the first thing I test, at first I just set my hand on it, and was like "wth it doesn't wobble!" then I pressed down and went "oh.... really??"

I have my PS3 sitting on top of it and it didn't move at all when I did that.....

inveni01855d ago

Mine is horizontal, and it's got no wobble at all. Maybe this person's table is crooked.

KyoSiegfried861855d ago

Yes.. please, stop this wooble nonsense.
Everyone that thinks it woobles, watch this and feel stupid...

GHOSTxx4201855d ago

It's not like it affects games play or the way the system works. Mine wobbles if I push down on it but it doesn't bother me I never push down on my console anyway.

tawak1855d ago

Ghost pushing ps4 to wobble, or have someone wobble it while you play. so I guess its a cons according to the review.

Anarki1854d ago

I always stood my PS1 up on its side too. Solely because it always had issues reading discs and shoving it on its side dropped the lens closer to the disc and it seemed to read it properly. lol good ol' ps1

zero_gamer1854d ago

Mine doesn't wobble. It's as sturdy as it should be.

BG115791854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

This is actually a big issue in Japan with all those earthquakes and all.
No wonder it's been released later over there. ^^

@AlexanderNevermind bubble up for well said.

Dee_911854d ago

My PS3 wobbles when theres crumbs or something under i threw it away

DeadlyFire1854d ago

Wobbly or not. Has common sense forgotten that its easy to level out things even so.

CuddlyREDRUM1854d ago

That is what I was thinking, there was some IGN video or something saying to put Post It notes underneath the left side of the console.

Why? That is the most ghetto thing I have ever seen.

shadow_lawless1854d ago

aren't you supposed to use the official stand if you ant to put it on its side??

neocores1854d ago

0.0 first it was failing system now its wobbleing 0.0 wow the fanboys are strong. its like say What if i drop this xbone from a 15th floor building and see if it breaks

indysurfn1854d ago

I'm looking at my xbox360 it has vents that will get blocked if I lay it on the side OR stand it up. It is meant to have vents no matter which way you lay it. Obviously if you lay it or stand it you will be blocking one of the sets of vents. The I would bet Microsoft paid for this article since they do not have vertical ability, which means they will only have one set of vents. Only a box that has just one position will not have a vent blocked.

BattleTorn1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Does a Teeter Totter or Seesaw have to be "teetering" or moving to be defined as such?


Therefore, console doesn't need to be "wobbling" to be defined as "wobbly."

Quit defending a terrible oversight with circumstances like 'who pushes down on their console'

// right, we only level-off items that are design to withstand presure - levelling a electronic BOX is simpy a waste of resourse /s //

Did you seriously compare having a console sit flat and stable on a flat surface to DROPPING A CONSOLE FROM A 15THFLOOR???!!TOTALLY THE SAME THING, RIGHT!?

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Funantic11855d ago

I'm debating is it better to turn my PS4 off completely or put it on standby. It seems like turning it off completely would help it stay cooler and perhaps last longer. I'm concerned just because of these articles and I saw a few technicians take a few PS4s apart on YouTube. One guy claimed that the thermal paste on the PS4 was cheap and already hard and wouldn't last for more than a year. Then another guy showed that the heatsink had no clamps for air tight heat dissipation. These guys talked like Sony cut corners.

thekhurg1855d ago

Standby is what I've been using since I unboxed it. Hardly anything is running hard enough to generate the amount of heat required to damage anything.

Also, don't just assume the claims people make on youtube are accurate. A lot of people just like to make controversial claims and wild accusations to draw in hits and generate fear.

xHeavYx1854d ago

First of all, don't believe crazy claims. That said, I've always disconnected the main power cord after I'm finished playing

cyclindk1855d ago

I keep mine on a on a 75 degree tilt, like this = /

And when I get my second one I will orient them like so, = /\

SilentNegotiator1855d ago

It makes sense. You put it vertical and the heat keeps getting soaked up into higher and higher parts of the hardware (because heat rises).

Vertical and the heat goes through less parts.

SilentNegotiator1854d ago

Obviously I meant "horizontal" in the last sentence.

NeoTribe1855d ago ShowReplies(3)
re2_apocalypse1855d ago

I prefer my consoles vertical. I remember having my PS2 when I was 16; and it (kinda) died within a 1-2 years. I placed it vertical and it lasted a little bit longer. Then I finally replaced it, and I still have that PS2. It's an old system, and not the greatest but still works when I do use it. Never looked back on having them vertical if possible

TBONEJF1855d ago

always leave your game console FLAT ON IT'S BELLY not on it's side PEOPLE

popup1854d ago

If you kick it, it moves around the floor. tut, another obvious flaw.

Mister_Dawg1854d ago

Horizontal action is always more fun :-)

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PoSTedUP1855d ago

i like verticle but often switch. judging by the thermal images, the ps4 should be placed upside-down if in the verticle position. the hottest part was at the bottom; you want that area as high a possible in the system escaping right out the top through vents. having it at the bottom allows all that heat to pass through the systems parts (because heat rises, duh), as well as build up, and is a lot more wear 'n tear on the system.

PoSTedUP1855d ago

this is only if you choose to have it in the verticle* position, obviously it is better to have it horizontally bc it runs cooler. also only if it has vents on both sides to let the heat escape out of the bottom (that is now flipped upside-down as the top, again only in the verticle* position). that is, if it IS the heat that is killing them in the verticle poition. that, we do not know yet. but it would be simple physics to let the heat escape out of the place closest to the top through vents and not to let it build up through all of the systems parts b4 it escapes.

PoSTedUP1854d ago

LOL, i kno right... wtf was i smoking º_º

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01animeking1855d ago

horizontal i dont want tip my console by accident and f it up