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Knack PS4 Review: Sure, It's a Kids' Game... if You Hate Kids | USGamer

USG - "I mean, it's not literally about cussing. You won't hear a single coarse word throughout the entirety of the adventure, whose story has been conspicuously crafted in the Pixar mold. Maybe not Pixar; that's probably a little generous. It's a notch below that, quality-wise -- more like a Dreamworks cartoon. Heck, an entire faction of enemies basically looks like Shrek." (Knack, PS4) 2/5

Dragonborn312  +   621d ago
The title of this article made me laugh. This game has gotten pretty poor reviews.
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bomboclaat_gamer  +   621d ago
"Knack PS4 Review: Sure, It's a Kids' Game... if You Hate Kids"

haha so funny
MasterCornholio  +   621d ago
From what I've heard its a bit frustrating to be a kids game.

Nexus 7 2013
chrissx  +   621d ago
What a funny review. I've played this game and I love it anybody who loves the crash series sure will. Its really nice fun. Depending on these so called "reviewers" to review games for u is laughable
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Dgander  +   621d ago
This is the kind of game the devil forces people to play in hell so they can suffer lol

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