3GEM Review: Knack

Alex Cote of 3GEM writes: 'We all look for the game that will make you say “this is why I purchased this console”. This is particularly true when the console has just launched. You want that exclusive game that will wow everybody, the game that will show everyone why this console should be bought on launch. '

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O-D-C1856d ago

Looks interesting thats for sure.

GarrusVakarian1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

I actually think it looks pretty good, not my type usually but whenever they say "it's a throwback to the oldschool super hard PS1 games like Crash Bandicoot" it makes me want to play it.

Ill rent it for sure, i can't commit to paying full retail though.

O-D-C1856d ago

Ya, I think once I'm done Killzone ill dive into Knack.

Tapewurm1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

I grabbed knack for free with the Target buy 2 get one free deal last week.... My kids love it..they are 8 & 10....I am more into killzone, battlefield, madden, and assassisns creed atm....but, Knack does appear to be better than some of the mixed reviews out there would have you believe.

Eldyraen1856d ago

I picked it up the same way.

I've played it about 1.5h on normal and am surprised how often I've actually died (considering most action platformers are pretty forgiving). It has only made it more enjoyable to me though as you actually need to pay attention and taking just a few hits can be detrimental. Checkpoints are usually pretty often though and revives give you full hp which at times is a blessing and others a curse (as makes it bit too easy other times).

I think 7.3 is a pretty fair score as I'd give it a 7.5 so far. From what I've seen though I wouldn't give it higher quite but it has potential. The control scheme which is quite simple sort of holds it back and characters/story aren't quite on the level of significantly better Action/Platform games like Ratchet (but then if I was honest I wasn't expecting it to be--the trailers made it interesting but nothing particular breathtaking when it came to gameplay).

eferreira1856d ago

Last 4 reviews I've seen on here are pretty good. Might keep my copy of knack