StarHawk Creator Denounces Ignorance on Frame Rates, PR inflating "40-ish" FPS to 60

Lightbox Interactive President Dylan Jobe expressed his disappointment about the fact that many industry professionals really can’t tell the difference between 60 FPS and less than that, also denouncing the fact that often PR mention 60 FPS for games that really don't achieve that goal.

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Majin-vegeta1521d ago ShowReplies(7)
josephayal1521d ago

the difference between 60p and 40p is HUGE, very huge

Abriael1521d ago

p? what's that? the resolution of the spectrum 48k? :P

badz1491520d ago his defense, movies use 24p as in 24 frame per second (fps) as standard. so yeah...he's not entirely wrong.

just a wiki but yeah

Fishy Fingers1521d ago

50% mores "p's"!

I come here for the insightful tech talk.

ABizzel11521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

You mean 60fps and 40fps. Yes technically speaking it's a big different, but visually speaking our eyes will notice less and less of a difference. For most gamers it simply comes down to both are faster / smoother experiences than 30fps.

60fps should always be the goal, but 40fps is a good runner-up.

1nsomniac1521d ago

I don't usually get involved in these things, but that just isn't true is it!?

Orb1521d ago

I agree, but most people cannot tell the difference (looking at promotional gameplay) simply because they have never experienced true 60 FPS.

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WeAreLegion1521d ago

Cool cool... Now, when do we get a Warhawk/Starhawk game on PS4? :D

Abriael1521d ago

Possibly never, lightbox ended its contract with Sony and is now working on mobile crap.

Maybe from another dev, I guess.

RavageX1521d ago

WHAT???? Are you serious???

They'd better get out of that $#@! soon...

Though Starhawk did not grab me like Warhawk did.

WeAreLegion1521d ago

I would imagine it would be another dev...though I think poor sales will ensure we never see the series again. :/ Real shame, too. Some of the mechanics from Starhawk seem to be selling Titanfall pretty well.

HammadTheBeast1521d ago

Sony still owns the rights to the IP's thought, don't they?

M-M1521d ago

Only two things can make three things can make that possible.

- Sony takes LBI back.

- Sony Santa Monica starts working on it, they have the rights to Starhawk/Warhawk now.

- Sony Santa Monica starts developing the game with Dylan Jobe's help, he'll be lead director but not the president.

Dylan did say on Twitter that if Sony wants to make another Warhawk, they know who to call.

BitbyDeath1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Lbi have said they are open to making a new warhawk for ps4, just need Sony to call them

Edit: beaten by M-M

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Majin-vegeta1521d ago

MAG 2 first :P

I know he didnt create it but just imagine what they can do with all this new tech :O

BitbyDeath1521d ago

Needs splitscreen and I'm in. More games need splitscreen

badz1491520d ago

MAG 2 now with 512-player battle! and DICE would be like:

MidnytRain1521d ago

Does anyone even still the play the Starhawk? I hear a lot of people say that sold out to the casuals with that one.

M-M1521d ago

Dylan won't admit it(it's fine, many developers don't) but they tried to make the game "accessible" like COD did. A lot of people got the top rank within like 2 days, whereas in Warhawk it takes a 1-6 years lol. It gave no replay value, and the veterans from Warhawk dominated the game with ease. The fact that the game was so oddly balanced it didn't help either. It still has a small but dedicated community though, and it's fun to play from time to time. If the game had advertising, it would probably do 1 million sales easy.

parentsbasement1521d ago ShowReplies(1)
InTheLab1521d ago

40fps is how I played quite a few games on PC as my PC couldn't deal with games like Metro maxed out without dropping the resolution.

ABizzel11521d ago

40fps is a solid framerate. 60fps is better, buy 40fps is great.

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