Initial Impressions: Madden NFL 25 for PS4

GoodGameBro writes, "Of course, knowing that a “Gen 4” version of Madden NFL 25 was in the works for Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One likely had some hand to play in my reaction to the “Gen 3” version of the game as well. In these rare years where two versions of a sports game are released, it’s difficult to be completely sold on the first version out knowing that something with more development time is waiting in the wings."

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Becuzisaid1827d ago

I think it turned out pretty sweet. I mean I only buy a madden game maybe once it twice a generation, so the hardcore guys would probably disagree but I think its a lot of fun.

Kevin263851827d ago

The hardcore community has actually had a positive response to the game which is very encouraging.

Akuma2K1827d ago

I've purchased the game because i thought maybe just maybe EA for once made changes and finally turned this around going into next gen and i was proved wrong (but wasn't surprised) because this game is nothing that says "next gen" in any way possible, it's nothing more than a major graphical upgrade and the physics and gameplay feel stiff when controlling the players (not fluid and smooth) and i've seen the defense make some phantom interceptions (where the thrown ball was no where near the defender but still caught). Also the crowds in the stadiums are all the same with the same animations and their all men, i thought crowds were supposed to be diverse with men, women and children etc...also there is NO halftime or post game show at all which is a BIG disappointment and a shame because it could have been added with the power of these next gen consoles which just goes to show the laziness of the developers to really put work into the game to make a good product. With how NBA 2K14 next gen looks and plays and with all the features included, 2K sports has set the bar and now is THE benchmark on how a next gen sports game is supposed to be made and truly represented. I'll be taking my copy of Madden25 next gen back to gamestop and use it for credit towards another game because there is no excuse for EA sports this time around, the power is there to add and do just about anything in these games and the football genre as a whole is on life support and 2K sports needs to come back and make a new NFL game to bring much needed life back quickly (which we'll know march 2014' to see if EA renews the license). If they don't hopefully 2K makes NFL 2K15 and even if they don't even APF 2K15 would suffice....But i'm done with football until EA no longer has the license anymore and baseball will be my sports game of choice until then starting with MLB 14' The Show (seems like every sports game developer know how to make a true next gen sports game complete with all the features and bells and whistles your supposed to see....except EA sports).

Mexxan1827d ago

This is my kind of review - bags of detail and specifics. Keep up the solid work.