How Serious Are The PS4's Blue Light of Death and Broken Hardware Reports?

Just a few days after launch, the PlayStation had already earned a dubious honor: a nickname for its potentially fatal flaw. What some users are calling the Blue Light of Death, mimicking the infamous Red Ring of Death that plagued the launch of the Xbox 360 for years, has forced hundreds of PlayStation 4 owners to send their systems back to Sony and vent their frustrations in online reviews and forums. But just how widespread is the issue?

While it's impossible to accurately gauge how far the claims of broken systems extend, prior to launch Sony shared that their expected failure rate for the console was 0.4%. To put that in perspective, that's about 1 in 250. With over one million PlayStation 4 systems sold, that comes to about 4,000 potentially broken systems. While that's a small number compared to the 996,000 that do work, that's little consolation if you're one of the 4,000 affected waiting to mail a $400 paperweight back to Sony.

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moegooner881771d ago

" The representative was incredibly courteous, and knowledgeable." Glad to know that, good customer service is crucial when launching a new console.

LackTrue4K1771d ago

i had my freeze 3 times downloading WARFRAME, but as another N4G user told me. "it could be cuz your trying to play the game, and has yet to install"

after the game was fully installed, i have not had any issues. "running @ 100% now"

Angels37851771d ago

It could be because of wifi or psn network stability. Possibly trying to play ad you download (its a vast game) but seeing as ps4 had way more consoles than expected day 1 and network issues always happen to big games. I can see why its had trouble.

thehitman1771d ago

Ya there will always be glitches playing a game that hasn't fully installed yet. Personally I would just wait to avoid corruption.

ABeastNamedTariq1771d ago

Same for me. I got scared for a minute lol.

Sharky2311771d ago

Have you seen how they packaged and shipped the ps4 at amazon? No wonder 400 people are pissed. There ps4 got thrown in a box with a piece of bubble wrapped dropped on top. Then it got tossed in a truck!

black0o1771d ago

i'm gonna leave this here:

it looks like some ppl are camping on

yarbie10001771d ago

I'm working on a story. I just went through and counted only the 1 star rating comments.

There are 550 Comments currently that are 1 star.

Of those, 373 are from VERIFIED Customers. Meaning, Amazon claims they purchased the device from Amazon.

Certainly a lot of the others could be trolls, but a reasonable person knows that not all of them are. And if you compare the ratings to other devices - like the Kindle which has thousands of ratings, then you can see what an avg electronic failure rate usually is.

AceBlazer131771d ago

How many of them state differently than the one star reviews, would be nice to see the ratio. Seems like a lot of work but if your already doing work on it.

despair1771d ago


I hope you are joking, you are just making wild assumptions and baseless comparisons based on such limited and unverfied data that it just seems laughable.

Amazon has probably shipped the biggest percentage of the 1 million ps4s, they said at one point it was 2500 preorders per minute and it was bigger than the entirety of last year's black Friday sale just in next gen preorders (both systems). Now given that they probably sold at least a couple hundred thousand systems 500-600 negative reviews are not exactly indicative of anything.

I do not doubt that there are bad systems and Sony probably could've done better in both the quality control and handling in the last couple days, but to think there is some kind of correlation to negative reviews on Amazon and how many systems are doa is ridiculous.

Abriael1771d ago

How much I wish people wouldn't use the pictures I make for my articles to submit this stuff...

jcnba281771d ago

I found the image on google...

Enemy1771d ago

1 in 250, or 4,000 in 996,000. Aren't you answering your own question?

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yarbie10001771d ago

"This is also the first console-launch since the wide spread of social media, where users can quickly and easily share their opinions with a world-wide audience ready to listen."

Yes, because social media wasn't around during the launch of the Wii U. Welcome to 2013, a new dawn.

MEGANE1771d ago

Wiiu... Whos buying it?, and who cares!, this is next gen topic

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