Link: The Faces of Evil (CDI) – PBG

Uhhh oooooh… It’s thaaaat game!

PeanutButterGamer takes a look at Link: The Faces of Evil, one of the infamous Legend of Zelda CDI games. Is it as awful as people say it is? Yes....yes, it is.

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SpiralTear1854d ago

Definitely one of PBG's best videos.

RiseAbove1854d ago

I bought Link: Faces of Evil around the time it was first released for the CD-i back in the 90's. I think the game is awesome! It gets a lot of crap because people like to make fun of the game's cut scenes, even though 99% of the people never played the game. It's a real shame. A very underrated game that deserves a lot more respect.

EasilyTheBest1854d ago

True in every way, I really enjoyed this game too...

Moncole1854d ago

Was it your only game?

Neonridr1853d ago

I agree. In that case it would be the best CDI game he ever owned, lol.

CrossingEden1854d ago

Sounds like you blindly enjoyed it because you had nothing to compare it to. Because this game is just bad in every way.

Stringerbell1854d ago

The PBG made a non top 10 video? I may just check it out...