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GarrusVakarian1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

240p....are you serious?

I was so excited for new gameplay too.....

Edit: Yay, 720p. This game looks amazing, day one. But i need mooooore!

Kayant1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Enjoy -->

Someone jumped the gun on me in submitting it first:p

Edit - The was fixed quickly looool.

Looks like we will be getting longer footage now & maybe that full race soon :)

Edit 2 - Just noticed the reflections on the clutch underneath the steering wheel.

GribbleGrunger1851d ago

The word on that from Rushy is that the full race video has been put back so they can put out a video that truly represents what it will look like when it releases. :(

PoSTedUP1851d ago

my mind is being trolled everyday, 11 seconds at a time... cmon they were just about to crash and have a huge pile up! i wanted to see/hear it : ((. looks incredible tho. BRAVO Evolution Studios BRAVO.

abzdine1851d ago

Evolution Studios are setting the bar so high after every game they make!!
DriveClub is THE true next racing game i am looking forward to.

ABizzel11851d ago

So far this game only has the potential to be a 9.9/10, until I get to spray a pool of oil and make someone spin out :D

ZodTheRipper1851d ago

This game looks so sexy. Can't wait to see the final build running on my PS4.

FamilyGuy1851d ago

The headlight reflection on the back of the other cars looks crazy and the snowy mountain climate environment looks so realistic I felt cold while watching this lol.

These teaser are pretty cool and pretty cruel at the same time. I hope they lock down a new release date to tell us soon.

Gamingcapacity1851d ago

I'm glad they delayed the release. The game looked good before but nothing mind blowing. The last few months the graphics have gone from lagging behind Forza 5 to leading the way.

Not surprised with their history and the awesome looking WRC games on PS2.

They took a break from realism with MotorStorm on PS3 but it's nice to see them go back to realism. Hopefully they will still be making Motorstorm. Enjoyed those games a lot.

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Blackdeath_6631851d ago

it is indeed. i hate how the clip ends just before a massive car pile up takes place you can see the yellow car getting out of control in the last second

Enemy1851d ago

The variety these guys have in their games is incredible. Racing on this track in the night = HNNNNG

obliteratorFTW1851d ago

Wow man amazing. Real next gen graphics, this and project cars.

LoveForGames1851d ago

i like the subtlety of drive club...

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The story is too old to be commented.