Best PS Vita Games of 2013 (So Far)

Arcade Sushi: It is amazing that we can walk around with worlds in our pockets. The PS Vita is the only mobile console to smack you in the face with up-to-date graphics and easy to use controls, which is why it’s easy to choose the Best PS Vita Games of 2013. It is the perfect salve for the gamer on the go with a hurting for some serious playtime. With a control set that mimics the console big boys, it is a familiar friend to tag along with you on your vacation, or just when you’re too lazy to walk into the other room that has the TV. Obviously with such a fun console, some great games have come out recently to join you as entertaining travel companions. Here are our picks for the Best PS Vita Games of 2013. And yes, we’ll be updating this list throughout the year.

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TheLastGuardian1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

No Soul Sacrifice or Killzone Mercenary? WTF? And what about Rayman Legends, Spelunky, Muramasa Rebirth, Dragon's Crown, Velocity Ultra, Thomas Was Alone, Hotline Miami and Limbo?

GdaTyler1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Simple explanation. Severely lacking list. So many great games omitted it's not funny.

TheGrimReaper00111649d ago

I would put Soul Sacrifice on there as well, if not for the online sucking for the past 3 months
I keep getting connection error and its not my internet
ive seen this problem all across the board and they wont fix it =(

GuruStarr781649d ago

Damn, yeah.. I platinumed it a couple months ago and now I'm helping my buddy and we keep getting booted.

pabsis1649d ago

Wow... I like your list much better... Those are some good games... Just played hotline miami free on ps plus... awesome game!

GuruStarr781649d ago

yeah, this is a pitiful list... the only game I really agree with is Guacamelee..

TheLastGuardian1649d ago

Yep, Guacamelee and Sly Cooper are the only ones I agree with.

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nikgeo801649d ago

killzone out of a top ps vita list?Unacceptable