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Gameranx: "NBA 2K14 is a sports game that truly shows that new era of sports games have arrived."

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hazardman1855d ago

Im having great time with it. Tho some load times are long..but whatever. Over good game!

KYU21301855d ago

what do you mean by long load times. I only ask cuz my PS4 comes in next week and this game is on my list

hazardman1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Well the load times suck. What i hate even more is that the games uses 46gb of memory. You would think there would be no load times. That being said the game is awesome and i would wait an hr to play it, its that good!!! The graphics are sick! Also its not like your waiting 10 min or anything but its enough for you to question it!


KYU21301855d ago

thanks for the feedback.

cdrbedlam1855d ago

I would like to add though that I recently discovered that myGm and myCareer mode can only be played with an active connection to 2K's servers.