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Report: Need For Speed: Rivals Is Locked At 30FPS On The PC

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of months ago, we posted a story regarding the framerate of Need For Speed Rivals PC. As the development team noted back then, all versions of the game would be locked at 30fps. However, last month TeamVVV claimed that the framerate on the PC version of Need For Speed: Rivals was unlocked. Well, it appears that’s not the case." (Need For Speed: Rivals, PC)

SirDjss  +   257d ago
Ahh tanks for telling us, now i know im not gonna buy that game lol
ATiElite  +   257d ago
Locked at 30fps OMG that's such a GREAT use of my PC's power.

Do I buy NFS:R just to have fun ripping up files to unlock the frame rate or do I just say "Screw this CRAP"

Screw this Crap and Go Download Project CARS if you got a PC!

*Not worth my time opening up a config file in Notepad and changing the parameters*
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SirDjss  +   257d ago
Yea mate, if we are lucky we could change it in config, but not all games can be fiddled with. I quess we just have to cross our fingers it will work :) cant these publishers learn that pc gamers need these settings, and a freaking fov slider ffs. No need for a fov slider in a racing game though lol
Ezz2013  +   257d ago
Gamer1982  +   257d ago
This is PC.. No doubt there will be a mod within 2 days of launch to unlock the frame rate for those who want it. PC isn't restricted like consoles.
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ABizzel1  +   257d ago
This is going to get ugly.

Why on earth would you lock framerate on the PC version. It's time to start cracking this game wide open.
come_bom  +   257d ago
Another reason not to purchase the game.

EA and Ubisoft are sh*t companies to PC gamers.
DeadlyFire  +   257d ago
EA and Ubisoft look at PC and say we will just port to it for a quick buck. If its capped at any fps 30fps or regardless on PC. Then its 95% likely that it is just the console version slid straight over to the PC.
HammadTheBeast  +   257d ago
I don't understand, why the hell would they lock the FPS, IN A RACING GAME, on the PC which has more than enough power, and is basically built for options?
Gster  +   257d ago
I would take this story with a pinch of salt tbh. Why on earth would ea lock their game to 30fps on pc, when they know that the majority of gaming pc's would be well capable of handling this in excess of 60fps. I would imagine high end cards would easily be able to do 120fps @1080p on max settings. EA are not stupid, they know this would potentially lose them thousands of buyers because guys with mid to high end rigs won't buy a game that's gonna limit the performance of their rig (just look at the comments).

People buy gaming pc's with good graphics cards to get the most out of their gaming experience by having that extra performance when they're playing games. The reason why it's capped on ps4 and xb1 is for stability issues, and so as the frames don't drop below the consistent 30fps that's gauranteed. This would not be an issue on gaming pc's as most of them would perform at an average 60fps and higher with little effort. Ea are not gonna shoot themselves in the foot by discouraging people with gaming rigs from buying nfs r because of a performance limit.
Cookz  +   255d ago
That would be all well and good, but I think you're forgetting about Need For Speed: The Run. Locked at 30fps on PC for similar reasons as Rivals.
ExitToExisT  +   257d ago
Not this same shit again:@
Marlec  +   257d ago
Yep & also no hoodcam, just like last years NFS. I think EA are hoodcamphobic althou that said they are also good game phobic aswell.

Oh & btw i have played Rivals & its sh!t, Hot Pursuit was much better.
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firefly69  +   257d ago
Hot Pursuit 2 is not only better but looks much better too.Frankly the frostbite engine only looks good on BF 3 and 4 games because on other games it looks crap.
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dcj0524  +   257d ago
Firefly I sgree that Hot Pursuit 2 plays better but I think your eyes need some serious work if you think it looks better.
cabbitwithscissors  +   257d ago
Why do they need to lock frames on the PC platform ?
HammadTheBeast  +   257d ago
It's probably a direct port off the console versions, which are locked at 30 fps, and they don't want to waste time or money optimizing the PC version.
DeadlyFire  +   257d ago
Typically you don't really on any PC game. Console games on the other hand you do. So what does that tell you about this game. PORTED 100%. It wouldn't surprise me to see XB/PS button logos in the game on PC.
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4logpc  +   257d ago
Old News
--Onilink--  +   257d ago
nothing that probably cant be fixed by opening the config file with the notepad and changing a value
MidnytRain  +   257d ago
There's no excuse. All respect lost.
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Brutallyhonest  +   257d ago
Wait. You actually had respect for EA?
MidnytRain  +   257d ago
I was speaking of the developer. This is the studio's first game apparently. At least the last NFS game was capped at 60, which is fairly reasonable, even if it is unnecessary. This is just retarded.I'm looking forward to Titanfall, though.

EA swallowing talent and killing IPs... It's sad really.
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inf3cted1  +   257d ago
Whatever, someone will crack this crap to unlock the framerate.
Jack_Of_All_Blades  +   257d ago
This is crap
iRocket  +   257d ago
*facepalm* I don't understand the act of locking frames in games. Especially on PC when there is hardware that is perfectly capable of running them in the best setting and with 60+ FPS.
JackVagina  +   257d ago
yer dun goofed EA
clmstr  +   257d ago
Literally everything connected with EA turns out to be crap. Rushed BF4, now this.
TwistingWords  +   257d ago
EA knows best, right?
Angeljuice  +   257d ago
Lol PC's suck for games anyway. Stick to what they were designed for -word processing and spreadsheets.

Devils Advocate.
inf3cted1  +   257d ago
What if I told you, your console uses PC components?
Rzep  +   257d ago
What if I told you he is joking...
Angeljuice  +   257d ago
I did sign it "devil's advocate", should be enough of a clue for anyone with half a brain.
CGI-Quality  +   257d ago
Whether it was sarcasm or serious, you failed miserably.

OT: The cat's out of the bag. I have this pre-ordered on PC, so this indeed frustrating.
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come_bom  +   257d ago
What if I told you that the new consoles, PS4 and X1, are PC's... yep, mind-blowing.
Angeljuice  +   257d ago
What if I told you that you're a bit slow, yep, mind blowing.
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Rzep  +   257d ago
I am saving alot of money this month. First Ghosts, then X Rebirth, now Need for Speed. So thats $180 left in my pocket. Also since Assasins Creed 4 delay shows that Ubisoft still doesn't care about the PC I will wait till it goes on sale for next to nothing.

Not a fan of DLC but I think I'll spend some of that money for BF4 Premium thing. A little thank you for a proper PC version and good communication when it comes to fixing the weak launch.
hollabox  +   257d ago
What? Nah its all good, picked up Rivals on the PS4. I still have Most Wanted on the PC which ran between 30-45 FPS anyway depending on Nvidia's drivers I'm using.
1nsomniac  +   257d ago
HAHA I love the fact that this is suddenly an issue.

Most games have been locked at 30fps even on the PC even triple A games until this new buzz PR 60fps crap got introduced with next gen.

It's not a massive issue but now people are making a big deal out of it devs should be increasing it so I still have no sympathy for EA over this.
Rzep  +   257d ago
"Most games" on PC haven't had any sort of fps lock for the longest time, stop spouting bullshit.
wtopez  +   257d ago
Um no. 60+ fps has been the standard on PC for a looooong time. I remember reading reviews of Halo 1 on Xbox and some reviewers were lamenting the fact that it wasn't on PC because of the frame-rate locked at 30.
kingduqc  +   257d ago
Sometimes I wonder why dev that studied at university can be so stupid.
JediDiah  +   257d ago
NFS SUCKS at 30 FPS and below on PS4 AND all others for that matter. 60 FPS for a game like that is the ONLY way to go! I'm trading my NFS PS4 in next time I go to Gamestop.
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skywarp00  +   257d ago
MuhammadJA  +   256d ago
lol at playing car games on pc!
Pandamobile  +   255d ago
Lol at not playing car games on PC.

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